paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 43

curated by chad and husky sombrero.  specimens: chad and his orchestra, george hrab, bryan hobein (4:31), wrong number, joe @ tha hi pointe, molotov grasshopper (10:05), collection gurl feat. davelybob, wee ones in paris, dj, joe, mort, jeremy, fone friends, turan, keith, marcus, scam-a-lam-a-ding-dong, joe again, period bomb


Sometime in the 90s, I was in a band that played a show with Molotov Grasshopper at Bernard's Pub's second location in St. Louis.  I bought a 6-song cassette tape from Amy after the show.  The tape was later transferred to minidisc, and eventally onto cdr and hard drive.  Molotov Grasshopper rerecorded "spin another" for inclusion on their 1996 cd, but I like this version a lot better, and I am not sure if it's available anywhere.


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