snacktime - abort? (y/[n]) - “let ‘em do it again, larry”

• October 9th, 2020

just yesterday, friend of the show Abort? (Y/[N]) dropped this little gem over on their bandcamp page.  it's the aphex twin / alice in chains / three six mafia / savage garden / big lebowski / roblox mashup that none of us knew we needed.  it tickled every ridiculous bone in our ridiculous skeletons though, so we are sharing it with you ridiculous people.


Go dig the rest of their creations at:


also, if you have not yet checked out our sprawling two hour hallucinogenic tenth anniversary opus EPISODE 50, then we have to wonder what other questionable choices you are making with your life.  remedy that this weekend, it will make you whole.

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 50

• October 3rd, 2020

curated by chad, brad, and davelybob.



tha paradoxal pterodactyl crew

son of chad


mad at dad

george hrab (3:35)



fibr (4:45)

fungi sapiens

bryan hobein (9:31, 47:40, 1:16:40, 1:54:06)

willbot robot (12:14)

the insidious device (13:39, 58:54, 1:55:30)

sarah/tim/silly man

holy hand grenades (16:28)

zero control (22:32)

f-ether (32:26)

night grinder

hxxs (36:50)

david james henrichs (41:06)

fone friends

the ghost in the machine

patty o'lady

mort, jeremy, stasia, ben, kevin, and michelle


real stl brother and calvin



hey feet (53:23)

princess dewclaw (54:20)

the dub nunnery* (1:00:52)

yes bill we will stop with this bit now

well *bye* angel

bill tucker* (1:08:02)

karen & georgia

sergio bandera* (1:13:32)


KaylArias (1:20:01)

nancy drab (1:23:15)

clark nova vs. ghost house (1:27:11)

kid mask (1:33:33)

evp (1:37:29)

our cadence (1:43:19)



cau5er (1:48:04)

esqueleto (1:57:17)


*the dub nunnery is david bell (jaded evil lambs) and samantha alge (bitchfit) on some dark chill shit.  stay tuned for more, links coming soon


*bill tucker "pine shruggin" taken from "punk fills / sad bad mittens lp", original version from the album "mythological creatures" (which I thiiiiiink is out of print) can be found in paradoxal pterodactyl episode 8


*sergio bandera was the pseudonym used by mark pirro for the music created for the film "a polish vampire in burbank", presumably because he already had his name listed as the screenwriter, director, and star.  this cut is davelybob's favorite film music of all time, used by the gracious permission of pirromount pictures.  thanks mark!


well, gosh; i don't even know what to say.  this journey has been incredibly stupendous, to say the least.  my dearest brother, davelybob, thank you for jumping into the void with me!  this has become so much more than i imagined.  thank you to all the core members, as well as all of the extended members of the paradoxal pterodactyl family!!  this isn't anything without every one of you!  and thanks to everyone who was totally cool with us sampling them; i'm looking at you, geo.  thank you for listening and thank you for being alive!  peace and love, chad


davelybob would like to thank anyone who has ever listened to the podcast, all the fine people and projects that have lent us their audio, all the acts and attendees at 43 installments of way out weirdo wednesday and countless other shows booked under the paradoxal pterodactyl umbrella, all weirdos and co-conspirators everywhere, and most especially my fellow curators chad, brad, and husky sombrero, for making the last 10 years of paradoxal pterodactyl so incredibly fun and exciting, and the artistic achievement i am most proud of.  i love you guys.  chad, you had a really great idea brother.  onward!

paradoxal pterodactyl, a periodical podcast (pronounced "puh-puh-puh-puh)- like cicadas, sometimes we slumber, but until the grid fails and takes this series of tubes with it, and packs of cannibals roam the overgrown streets, this podcast persists. and our archives are more massive than ever.

observant pterodactyl spotters may have encountered pp stickers in the wild of late, we can confirm such occurrences, and would like the public to prepare for further merchandise migrations through these areas sometime in the next few seasons.

now that way out weirdo wednesday has officially been laid to rest (condolences if this is news to you) and davelybob has retired from 99% of booking activities, our paradoxal powers shall push our pterodactyl purview into perpendicular production potentialities. your curator pals will be working with some of our favorite artists and sometime next year you should see the first fruits of these labors in the launch of our new digital and cd-r label. fucking SNAP, you heard us.

also it would appear there is a mysterious new shadowy figure on the horizon... a new curator? GASP!

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snacktime - hxxs @ davelybob’s virtual birthday show

• October 2nd, 2020

if it wasn't totally obvious, the pp staff have had a bit of a love affair with hxxs the last couple years.  currently residing in kansas city, brad played a show with them in denver and then sent them to davelybob for booking in STL.  practically overnight they became the touring band he brought to town the most in his 19 years as a promoter.  when dave says he is 99% retired from booking activities, that remaining 1% is reserved for hxxs and very few others. dave was super stoked that gavin and jeannie and their sometimes-drummer ricky were down to play his birthday show, and very pleased to share their set with you now.

we shan't try to describe their music, it is beyond words, and beyond belief. those who have heard the recordings know what's up. those who have seen them live are *obsessed*.  to say these songs are powerful is an understatement, "these songs could start a cult if they wanted to" is more like it.

on top of all that they're also the nicest, kindest, just best people. In a logical world, this music would make them gazillionaires. but this world is what it is, and them being the sincere passionate leftists they are, they have a habit of throwing their earnings towards solving problems around them and bettering their  community.  which is noble, but left them in an awfully tight spot a few months back, when a senseless act of violence on their block claimed their tour van (which also served as their daytime money-maker) as collateral damage.  they have been struggling to recoup their losses since, and are almost back on their feet. a gofundme is linked below, and gavin has been regularly livestreaming improv sets with high fidelity recordings available for donations.  and you could always buy their records.  just saying, help 'em out, they are good kids making important music.

also, let's all take a second real quick to recognize that goddamn banger "ful health" as the plague anthem to end all plague anthems.  jeeeeezus.

@wearehxxs on most social .media platforms


NOW, are you READY? Tomorrow's the big day, the main event we have been building up to with all these snacktimes...



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snacktime - buddhist regret @way out weirdo wednesday #42

• October 2nd, 2020

davelybob started booking shows 19 years ago in the stlpunk scene. years later his first gigs as a performer were sitting in with catholic guilt as part of a rather lengthy list of rotating musicians supplementing the core trio of sean burk, joe stein, and nick zengerling (who dave knew from booking his old band krafted in korea).

fast forward over a decade of reigning as one of STL's most celebrated and perverse noise units, and catholic guilt has been in an extended hiatus pretty much since releasing their box set & dvd board game a couple years ago (you heard me), further deepened by sean moving to california.  they are not dead though, merely sleeping

anyways, the writing had been on the wall for davelybob, and anticipating winding down most of his booking activities, he wanted nothing more than to blast the way out club with his homies one last time, so he lassoed joe and zeng for this monster of a set. it didn't seem right using the catholic guilt name without sean, hence the tongue in cheek moniker ;)

yeah.  good times.

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snacktime - ali naeini @ davelybob’s virtual birthday party

• October 2nd, 2020

two years ago on his birthday, davelybob unexpectedly had to put down his dog after a sudden turn in health.  last year on his birthday (the big four oh), he was at the hospital with his wife, who was recovering from brain surgery.  this year covid quarantine began just a week or so before his birthday.  determined to make some goddamn lemonade, he booked himself a birthday concert with some of his favorite acts nationwide on facebook live, one of the very first online fests to pop up during the pandemic.

if you didn't catch ali naeini playing his santoor (persian hammered dulcimer) when he lived in st louis, well that's your bad, dumbass- we tried to tell you!  he was already a regular performer at festival of nations when he befriended davelybob at their day job. We quickly booked him on a way out weirdo wednesday, and everyone went wild for him.  collaborations with percussionists drew gowran and alberto patino followed, and prior to his move to san francisco, he was toying with ideas for a fusion band blending rock and several global traditional musics, which he was jamming out with some members of the st. louis symphony orchestra.  in an alternate universe somewhere, you are all going ape shit over that right now.

ali is dedicated to his instrument in a way that in our long careers we have rarely seen, and obscenely modest about his immense talent. he's got a wicked sense of humor too.

thank you for playing my birthday party ali!  we love you and miss you! let's talk soon, i have some ideas.

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snacktime - animals rule oslo @way out weirdo wednesday #43

• October 1st, 2020

animals rule oslo is the once and future collaboration of david bell (jaded evil lambs, etc) and john forrest (sunwyrm, aluminum sasquatch trio).  Their performance from the last way out weirdo wednesday back on march 4th (did you parse that properly?  hmmm, probably...) is as yet their only recording, but no doubt not their last.

how's that for a brief and concise blurb, eh?  lol.

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snacktime - instinct control @ kismet creative center 3/25/2016

• October 1st, 2020

"action permeates as fiber—an unwitting participant breathes and the act is suddenly thrown from a predicted path. resist urges to tighten constraint. re-imagine rigid systems as fluid opportunity: //instinct control// -- outmoded technologies, devices, pathways, turned upon themselves and us in new ways of being. metonymic transmitters and receivers all."

this performance was recorded by davelybob at his 37th birthday party at the sorely missed kismet creative center (you can catch tommy slinging his vinyl at wax rats now if you wanna say hi and catch up).

instinct control for this performance consisted of ryan t. dunn, his hands, a reel-to-reel player, his foot, a vcr, his other foot, and an answering machine.

get more:

dig his other project, maoƟ:

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snacktime - datewithdeath “thrush urn”

• October 1st, 2020

hey!  a snacktime!  what a novel idea!  sure has been awhile since those were a regular thing!  why, i bet those pterodactyl boys are sitting on a whole heap of bright shiny eggs right now...

one of the few pieces of good news in 2020 is the recently announced un-retirement of floridian friend of the podcast (and really interesting person to know if you are into gardening), travis johnson.  his compilation series & digital label poverty electronics is back to serve up more slammin' leftist experimental techno, hip hop, ambient, and noise (poverty electronics vol. 4 just dropped at the end of august) as well as his own project datewithdeath, which is currently taking pre-orders through 10/30 for the new album slow talker.  we are pleased to present an advance track from the album, thrush urn, which on 10/16 will be released as a single with exclusive remixes by teen smoking, all the stores are closed, mhzesent, and jukka-pekka kervinen!  it's fire, go check it all out at:


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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 49

• June 27th, 2020

curated by chad.  specimens: chad and his orchestra, chadwerk, adam & roy, bryan hobein (4:56), mad at dad feat. davelybob (6:48), kenny, penn, bob, terry patch (9:54), ben, matt, germ v, husky sombrero & chad (14:09), joe kile (16:11)

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 48

• April 5th, 2020

curated by chad.  specimens: chad and his orchestra, mad at chadwerk, chad's mom, bryan hobein (2:53), son of chad, stasia & michelle, joe kile (8:38), bryan hobein again (10:57), the insidious device (12:02), the sun (15:44), cryptic composure (20:07)

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 47

• February 8th, 2020

curated by chad.  specimens: penn, george hrab, chad and his orchestra, kenny, chadwerk, husky sombrero & chad feat. fone friends (4:04), mad at chad feat. c.w. burnside, son of chad, the news man, the insidious device (7:16), mad at dad (11:43), dave & alaina, chadwerk (17:01) / snatch patch (19:12)


Check out the mad-fresh new track from The Insidious Device!  More songs available on spotify and youtube.

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 46

• January 12th, 2020

curated by chad.  specimens: chad and his strange orchestra, chadwerk, bryan hobein (4:32 - 4:58, 7:20 - 10:52), distant pony

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snacktime - what ashtray was talking about

• December 15th, 2019

"what deaner was talking about", performed by Ashtray.  This is a cover song, originally by the musical group Ween.  Ashtray was a band based in St. Louis, back in the late 90s and 00s, and good friends with Chad.

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 45

• November 30th, 2019

curated by chad.  specimens: sammy, chad and his orchestra, george hrab and chad's orchestra, good man, coco, joe kile (6:07), kenny, edward, teddy, penn, jerm v, adam, marc & joe, chad's mom, willbot robot, joe kile again (14:30), mad at dad

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snacktime - pumpkin

• October 30th, 2019

A song by Chad.  An oldie, but a goodie.  This song can also be found in episode 2.


Happy Halloween!

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 44

• October 20th, 2019

curated by chad.  specimens: melinda, chad and his orchestra, chadwerk, bryan hobein, joe kile, bryan hobein again, the news man, kenny, mad at chad, jesus tranter feat. em and tim and carl

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 43

• August 2nd, 2019

curated by chad and husky sombrero.  specimens: chad and his orchestra, george hrab, bryan hobein (4:31), wrong number, joe @ tha hi pointe, molotov grasshopper (10:05), collection gurl feat. davelybob, wee ones in paris, dj, joe, mort, jeremy, fone friends, turan, keith, marcus, scam-a-lam-a-ding-dong, joe again, period bomb


Sometime in the 90s, I was in a band that played a show with Molotov Grasshopper at Bernard's Pub's second location in St. Louis.  I bought a 6-song cassette tape from Amy after the show.  The tape was later transferred to minidisc, and eventally onto cdr and hard drive.  Molotov Grasshopper rerecorded "spin another" for inclusion on their 1996 cd, but I like this version a lot better, and I am not sure if it's available anywhere.


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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 42

• May 4th, 2019

curated by chad.  specimens: joe kile, chadwerk, paul & mark, merely civil / mad at dad, bryan hobein, fone friends, night grinder, derek brink (feat. mad at dad)


0:00  Joe Kile

5:36  Merely Civil (unknown title)

7:01  mad at dad - "merely resonged"

11:14  Bryan Hobein - "My Heart Becomes As City PowerUp"

14:43  Night Grinder - "On"

17:47  Derek Brink - "Bite the Habanero" (special mad at dad version)

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 41

• April 5th, 2019

curated by chad.  specimens: kenny, son of chad, calvin, hap, mad at dad, davelybob, jesus tranter, burney, k-bux, spoondrift, joe kile, fone friends, real stl brother, dj, paul, mort, tharino, turan

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snacktime - nonconnah “my battery is low and it’s getting dark”

• April 1st, 2019

Emerging from the ruins of acclaimed North Carolina ambient/drone duo Lost Trail, Nonconnah is the newest experiment in spaced-out instrumental sonics from Zachary and Denny Corsa. Named for a mysterious creek running along the borders of their new home of Memphis, the Corsas are now joined by multiple skilled collaborators in expanding Lost Trail’s heady blend of swirling shoegaze guitar layers, otherworldly field recordings, and eerie tape collages. The result is a series of fresh explorations into the dark attics and deepest fathoms of the world looming beyond this world, or at least fleeting glimpses through the thinning veil that hangs between them.


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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 40

• March 25th, 2019

curated by davelybob*.  specimens: tha dlb, spaghettï, chad, piece of cake, skippy buzzhum, beyond the borders, brother shahid, jess, jameel, the miller brothers, chelsi, ex salis, hxxs, backwards ali, dave stone, janet, jaded evil lambs

*somebody else local started using dingus as the name for their noise act while we were on hiatus, so dave's dropping that pseudonym moving forward.  it's whatever, it was just a dumb joke to start with.

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snacktime - watabou “upward and outward”

• December 14th, 2018

WOAH.  It's been a minute, even for us.  Just so you know, we're planning on being around more in the new year.  Way Out Weirdo Wednesday has been chugging along this whole time, the next one (#35!) is on January 9th, which will be guest curated by our good friend Stephen Houldsworth.  Other than WOWW, we'll be stepping back from the booking angle a bit (although Dingus is looking forward to putting on occasional Sunday afternoon potluck shows in the basement of his new crib out in the County), and focusing more on the podcast. Episode 40 is in the development as we speak, and we are super pleased to be breaking our radio silence with this wonderful tune from our pals over at Realicide Youth Records, "Upward and Outward" by Watabou, who we booked at the Way Out Club in May 2017, on tour with Seanni B and Hypnogram (locals were Jaded Evil Lambs, Solid State Disaster, and Blank Thomas- a hell of a night).

From Realicide Youth:

"Midwest US chiptune breakcore gabber punk grrrl Watabou releases her Coaxial Chaos LP this winter via Realicide Records, on vinyl record along with download. Several long years in production, very much carrying the gravity of all life experiences during that time, there is nothing else quite like this album in the world. Records mail March 2019, followed by tentative touring."
Further words and linx on here, smash that donate button.
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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 39

• February 24th, 2017

curated by chad and dingus.  specimens: destination machine, m @ d, half dolla, bunch-o-flex, fry 13 (mm), tim, spring-dog, ricky, distant pony, scooter, eeeyore, fone friends, joe, mad at dad, failures, ken, bad folk, international speaker guy, jaded evil lambs, cancer lesbian, insane analog, hey feet, seals of similar size, universal peeps.

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snacktime - particle devotion

• October 3rd, 2016

We'll keep this one brief, these guys Particle Devotion are friends of friends of ours from New Orleans, and we're pleased as punch to be putting them up at the Way Out Club this Thursday, 10/6.  These guys employ a wide range of instrumentation to sculpt flawless artisanal dreamy indie rock gems.  Seriously, anytime you have somebody in your band credited with both vibraphone and vocoder, you have our attention, lol.  Give it a swing if that is your thing, and then come catch them Thurday with locals The Oddfellows and Comrade Catbox.  Full album available at:

(cough) also, don't forget WAY OUT WEIRDO WEDNESDAY #13 also at the Way Out the day prior, 10/5, featuring Nebulosa, Scheiffv, Jason LaChance, the long awaited return of the original 4-piece lineup of Brain Transplant, and a musical blind date between Santur (persian hammered dulcimer) player Ali Naeini and percussionist Drew Gowran. SUCH FUN.  (cough cough cough)

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snacktime - neiman martin “nights in paris/progress/slow walk”

• September 30th, 2016

You know what they say, "the best laid plans of mice and pterodactyls often go awry".  Yeah...  We delinquent.  We know.  New episodes and snacktimes have been slow to materialize, because life is crazy right now.  Playing/booking/working lots of shows, new jobs, school, babies.  We busy.  But it would have been EXTREMELY remiss of us not to drop this today, like we meant to do weeks ago.

Neiman Martin is a sharp, fresh, young rhymesmith that bowled us over when we caught him at a hip hop show at the Way Out a couple months ago.  He turned in a confident, skilled, and arresting set, on an absolutely killer bill full of hot talent that also included perrenial champs The Domino Effect, gothy tinged R&B from Sailem, and our new pals Insane Analog (head honcho Patric Brown serendipitously showed up and filled an unexpectedly empty slot for us at the last Way Out Weirdo Wednesday, sans backing band- if you were there, you remember how good that was for sure).  

Neiman's lyrical sensibilities are smart as fuck, his beats are refreshing, and he's from North County.  Triple threat, I'm tellin' ya.  We're rushing this snacktime episode out tonight because we love you and don't want you to miss your opportunity to catch him yourself tomorrow night, (10/1/16) when he returns to the Way Out Club (I'd put the address here, but if you follow this podcast and haven't picked up that info by now, you're pretty much hopeless lol), appearing alongside Ali Kool, $leazy, Bry Bee, and SHVL.  So check out these three tunes, some of our favorites off his mixtape "Music Vol. 1", which you can find along with other goodies at  Or better yet, come to the show and toss dude a five spot for a CD copy, because you KNOW that local talent deserves your support.
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snacktime - zero control @ kismet 7/23/2016

• August 19th, 2016

Zero Control is drummer Drew Gowran, rapper Sentel Brown, and David Bell on synthesizers and vocal/drum processing.  If you listened to Episode 38, that was them at the very end.  Their most recent set was last month in support of ex-pat pal Night Grinder. Unfortunately, SB couldn't make the show, so they tossed a book at Austin Case (Spagyric, The Icebergs) and said "READ", because he's usually good for that, as he was this evening.  So here is the recording courtesy Dingus and his Zoom recording thingus, Zero Control featuring Austin Case.  

If you're not busy tomorrow night (Saturday 8/20), you should pop on over to Kismet, where David and Drew will again be performing, separately this time.  Drew is releasing his debut solo drum cassette, and will be playing it live in full, with assistance from Alberto Patino and Dave Stone.  David will be opening up the evening with an extended Jaded Evil Lambs set- he's got a bunch of new toys so it should be really nutballs.

Check out Drew's record, it's really good!

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snacktime - nebumeister @ way out weirdo wednesday #11 (part 1)

• August 18th, 2016

So, if you saw the event/flyer for August's Way Out Weirdo Wednesday, you probably like "who is Jessipher?" Well, that's homey Jesse Edmister, who was to make his solo noise debut.  However, what we really ended up with was a nebumeister set, which is the duo configuration of Jesse and Julio Prato of local psych heroes Kenshiro's, who has been kicking around experimental solo compositions as nebulosa (nebulosa + Edmister = nebumeister, got it?)

They turned in a super enjoyable debut performance, here's the first piece they played, we'll be posting the second half eventually, after we toss out some other things we've been sitting on.

They've got a groovy little three track record up as well if you wanna give that a go:

Also, they've got another set coming up this next Monday at Foam with IGM and Lugweight (from DC and NY respectively- some of Josh Levi's pals so you know it'l bee worth checking out), and Jake Leech.  Dig it:
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snacktime - nnn cook @ way out weirdo wednesday #8

• August 1st, 2016

Nathan Cook is one of the heavy thinkers of the STL experimental scene, every performance he gives and every single stellar release on the tape label he curates has a ton of thought and meaning and intent behind it.  When he joined us at the Way Out Club back in May, evidently his intent was to get a synthy minimalist dance party going.  A pleasantly unexpected head-bopper.  Get yourself more at and also be sure to check out his monthly experimental concert series Bruxism.  It's a great time to be a weirdo in St. Louis.

Next Way Out Weirdo Wednesday is in two days, 8/3/16, featuring Jessipher, Larva Lu, Regicide Bureau, Tom Hill, and Kenshiro's.  Be there.
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snacktime - kevin harris @ way out weirdo wednesday #10

• July 28th, 2016

Gonna keep the notes brief today.  Modular maestro Kevin Harris always crushes, but this set he turned in at the Way Out Club on 7/6/2016 was exceptionally fun.  Thanks, homeskillet!

The next Way Out Weirdo Wednesday is coming up fast, we've got sets lined up for you by STL experimental/noise legends Regicide Bureau and Larva Lu, the debut noise set by Jessipher, the psychedelic ramblings of Kenshiro's, and a stand up comedy set by Tom Hill!  You don't want to miss this one.

Expect more snacktimes soon, I know we've been quiet lately, but that's about to change.  Starting to get a bit of a backlog here, so get ready for the dam to break.  You should have like a month of canned goods on hand.

Aight.  Later.  See you at the Way Out next week!
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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 38

• July 1st, 2016

curated by dingus, brad, and husky sombrero.  specimens: sb, bryan hobein, chad, curta, animal/object feat. jim fitzpatrick, speedpsychic, lanx borealis, kid mask (night grinder remix), morlox, steve & ian, vehemence 6.2, tim, ky, rebecca watson, fry 13, david bell & drew gowran, justin symbol, shane, boidie, catlady, bachman, israel, phil ferguson, love kingsford, jaded evil lambs feat. ho pham, zero control.

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snacktime - blank thomas @ way out weirdo wednesday #7

• April 8th, 2016

Big thanks to everybody who came out to Way Out Weirdo Wednesday this week, it was a hell of a time, with a super quiet introspective set from Matt Muslin's project Zwornikins, the super fresh debut set by Grocer (including stunning performances by two masked interpretive dancers!), and the minimal guitar deconstruction of Berdella.  But the set we want to share with you right now is this superlative gem by Blank Thomas, aka Blake Butler.  This set ran the full gamut of electronic expression, from superchill dubby atmospheres to straight up noisy club bangers, there is something here to get just about veryone's butt moving.  Thanks as always to Bob & Sherri at the Way Out, and an extra shout out to Biggie Stardust for sending his homies our way, thereby instigating the "Ambient April" motif, which we hope to make an annual event.  Join us next month for Way Out Wednesday #8 on 5/4, featuring the new noisy synth-rap jam band Zero Control (Drew Gowran, Sentel Brown, and David Bell), the introspective experimental arrangements of NNN Cook, and more acts to be announced shortly.  See you there!

For more Blank Thomas awesomeness, check out his release "405 Skies" available now through the excellent CoMo collective Dismal Niche:
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snacktime - grocer “03 26 16″

• April 4th, 2016

Grocer specializes in improvised ambient soundscapes of strictly hardware origin.  He was sent our way by fellow ambient pal of the podcast Biggie Stardust, and we are super proud to be able to host Grocer's debut live performance in two days at the next Way Out Weirdo Wednesday!  Somehow the usual mixed-genre format got subverted and we have a full bill of chillout droney minimalist stuff in a range of different flavors, featuring Grocer, Blank Thomas, Berdella, and Zwornikins. We're calling it "Ambient April" and we might just have to make it a yearly thing.  

This cut right here is a special bonus track outtake from Grocer's debut cassette, recorded and pressed with the assistance of wunderkind Chelsi Webster on Pack Rat Records, which a little birdie tells us may or may not make it in the mail in time for release at the show Wednesday.  You'll just have to come on out to the Way Out Club and find out for yourself.  Doors at 9.  Free show.  It'll do you good.

Grocer soundcloud action:

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snacktime - sister grotto “you don’t have to be a house to be haunted”

• April 4th, 2016

Brad sent this snacktime in from the Paradoxal Pterodactyl Denver field office, with the succinct description "Sister Grotto = Heaven Metal // Soft Gaze out of Rhinoceropolis in Denver, CO"

Here is thusly presented their delectable 3 song release "You Don't Have To Be A House To Be Haunted"

1. Videotape
2. Uncanny
3. Witness

For more dreamy songitudes, head on over to
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snacktime - catholic guilt @ dingus’s house 7/19/2015

• March 24th, 2016

So last summer Dingus had a little mini-fest noise bbq thing at his house, you may remember hearing about it.  Here's the closing set of the evening, a nice long hazy droney smear courtesy STL noise champs Catholic Guilt, joined for this set by special guest Larva Lu.  Been sitting on this one, glad to put it out now.  Dig it.

Catholic Guilt is Sean Burk, Joe Stein, and Nick Zengerling.  Get more at:
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snacktime - xome @ the way out club 3/8/2016

• March 23rd, 2016

"Xome is a harsh noise music project conceived and operated by Bob Scott. Xome first started experimenting with dissonant forms of music in 1989 but the first organized live performance in Tokyo in 1994 marks the true activation of the project. Now based in Sacramento, CA, Xome has evolved into a highly refined and extremely harsh noise music unit by means of improvised manipulation of sound generating and processing equipment."

Here's Xome's brief but blistering set from the Way Out Club a couple weeks back, complete with PA failure at the end (we were pushing it pretty hard that night, first time we've had that problem since we started running shows up there last fall).  It was lots of fun to host him and Boar on the final stop on their tour, two of the nicest guys in noise.  For more, check out

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snacktime - the ursula gunn (selections from “aberdeen skye”)

• March 22nd, 2016

Four cuts from the brand new release "Aberdeen Skye" by The Ursula Gunn. St. Louis based experimental artist, Shannon Pease, mixes feedback and distortion with mangled percussion samples and live manipulation to create a "Power Drone" sort of feel. Shannon has worked with, and played live with Rosemary Malign, The Prairie Dogs, Arsenic Lullaby, DyeIreHne, Endotoxic Shock, Etwog, and is the newest member of the Paradoxal Pterodactyl podcast curatorial staff. This album marks the 5th official release by The Ursula Gunn.

Get the rest of it at:

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snacktime - undercurrent #13 (grand finale show)

• March 21st, 2016

We've been running a little behind here at PP central, what with our electioneering activities, booking headaches, influenza quarantine, and generally running on pterodactyl time (you thought punk time was bad).  So we're going to make it up to you starting now with a full week of snacktimes!  First up is probably our most significant piece of outstanding business- a special hour long mix of performances recorded at the UNDERCURRENT grand finale show on January 30, 2015 at the Schlafly Tap Room (the release party for the twelfth and final cassette in the series).  If you'll recall, UNDERCURRENT was the critically acclaimed concert & mixtape collaborative series that was curated by Wrong Division and edited/arranged by Paradoxal Pterodactyl, with visuals by and pals, beer by Schlafly, and killer performances by just about a million of STL's finest acts across multiple genres.  Actually that description barely begins to cover the UNDERCURRENT experience or all the work that went into it.  This very special mix was completed the very next day after the final show, and then somehow got lost before we could post it, for over a year until Dingus found it hiding on an SD card a couple weeks ago.  So here it is, the long awaited party re-cap featuring the debut performances of SKIN TAGS and HARDBODY, encore victory lap performances by CAVEOFSWORDS and TRAUMA HARNESS, and (wow you guys) the super slippery GHOST ICE!  Thanks again to everybody who made this shit possible, that came out and enjoyed themselves (and talked nonsense into the mic for me), and especially to everyone who tried to take a little piece of that zeitgeist and run with it and make something new... it feels like forever ago since these shows, but we can still feel the echoes in the scene today, more than a year later.  I guess what I'm trying to say is GO TEAM.  GOOD GAME.

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snacktime - boar @ livery company 1/23/2015

• March 7th, 2016

Hey everybody!  Legendary Dubuque, IA harsh noise artist BOAR is returning to St. Louis TOMORROW NIGHT!  Paradoxal Pterodactyl is proud to present the harshest show of the season 3/8 at the Way Out Club (2525 S. Jefferson).  STL knows BOAR from his many past appearances at NoisefeSTL and other shows at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, where he established himself as a fan favorite for connoisseurs of the harshest of the harsh.  Since then, he's broadened and diversified the focus of the project a bit, with astounding results. The last time Alex came through town, he dropped this killer set at Livery Company, which we are super happy to be able to share with you now in celebration of his triumphant return!

For this current tour BOAR has teamed up with the possibly even-more-legendary XOME, international noise star based in Sacramento, CA.  When the possibility of booking this show came up in discussion, several STL noise bigwigs started practically hyperventilating at the mention of his name.  One said he'd quit his job to catch this show if he had to.  Local support is a veritable who's who of STL HARSH:  FECAL DAM and BEAUTY PAGEANT of course were no brainers for such a lineup, Rusty Anderson & David Bell are debuting the genetically spliced amalgam of their respective solo acts as MONSTER SIZED EVIL LAMBS, and we even coaxed a set out of the elusive slumbering noise giant CHARLIE.  Seriously, we heard/saw no less than ten people upon announcement of this show say "Holy shit, wait a minute- MONEYBAGS?"  YES.  THAT CHARLIE.  Don't sleep on this shit.
Show starts at 9, for more details (including a wicked sick printable souvenir 11"x17" flyer with 10 color variants that Dingus made), check out the facebook event page at :  and while you are there, go ahead and click "subscribe to events" so you don't miss hearing about any of the fabulously confounding concerts sponsored by this humble little podcast, including our ongoing "WAY OUT WEIRDO WEDNESDAY" mixed-genre showcase at the Way Out Club on the first Wednesday of every month.   

Also, if you live elsewhere or have friends who do that may be interested, the event page for the full BOAR/XOME tour is at:

Alright.  See you cats tomorrow!


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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 37

• February 18th, 2016

curated by dingus and husky sombrero.  specimens: jaded evil lambs, hardbody, bahbo, seamus mcfamous feat. untle dave, scooby, fire-toolz, bryan hobein, beav, the ursula gunn, jindra, solenopsis halitosis, ol dirty giombini, johnny magnet, shannon pease, harper, jupiter-moonrock.

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snacktime - drew gowran @ way out weirdo wednesday #5

• February 4th, 2016

This month's installment of "What You Missed Last Night" is this beastly solo drum performance by Drew Gowran (Sole Loan, ex-Little Big Bangs, etc).  Drew's recently had a remarkable string of quite well received solo performances, and it was a real treat to have him at our little shindig.  You can catch him next on 2/20 at the Luminary for Drummers Only Deux, the follow up to Joe Hess's all percussion benefit for Syrian refugees back in December.  This time there will be 24 drummers, paired up for 12 duos/duels (Drew will be playing with Alberto Patino), and the proceeds will be split between International Institute St. Louis and Organization for Black Struggle.  Full details at:  

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snacktime - biggie stardust @ way out weirdo wednesday #4

• January 24th, 2016

We might have sat on this recording a little bit longer, but with the wonderful glowing write up Olan just got, it seemed like a good time to go ahead and put this out there, especially since his scarcity of recorded output featured prominently in the article, as a favor to both the audience clamoring for samples of his addictively fuzzed out washes of orgasmic textures, and also to our favorite new dude to gig with.  Biggie Stardust is a project that deserves all the buzz, and a hella nice dude to work with.  This recording of course was from the January Way Out Weirdo Wednesday show, recorded by Dingus with his Zoom recording thingus, blah blah bleeby blee.  Go read Joe Hess's article for St. Louis Magazine at:

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snacktime - micaela mohr @ san loo 1/2/2016

• January 24th, 2016

One of our favorite local standup comics and promoter behind several of the comedy shows you've heard bits of in our podcast, wickedly funny badass Micaela Mohr kicked in the new year's teeth with back to back sets on January 2nd- this recording (courtesy Dingus) is from the second set, where she closed out the evening at San Loo (if you haven't been there yet, new bar on Cherokee where Livery Company was before they moved, still a fun little space and glad to see it open again).  She's our kind of dirtbag, and we're stoked to announce she'll be cutting it up with us at Way Out Weirdo Wednesday #5 on February 3, along with Monster Sized Monster, Drew Gowran, Jaded Evil Lambs, and the debut of an exciting new act St. Michael!  Find Paradoxal Pterodactyl on Facebook to peep the event page.  Starts at 9, 21+, FREE SHOW at "your home away from home", the Way Out Club.  See you there!

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 36

• January 15th, 2016

curated by brad, chad, and dingus.  specimens: day grinder, glassmen, doug plaster, capital swizzle credit, becca mhalek & david mead, jeff buns, funny farmer, rickshaw feat. barely free (remix by andrew broder), day grinder vs. jivin' ted, mad at dad, chad's shitty neighbors, bryan hobein, dj, paul, mort, joe, rhiannon, fone friendz, jason, johnnie in jeans, jaded evil lambs, trilatz-n-effect, the paper destiny of nations, shelly koesterer, bean sallard, ultraviolet, etc. 

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snacktime - alex cunningham @ way out weirdo wednesday #4

• January 7th, 2016

Hot and fresh from last night, Alex Cunningham's frenetic solo violin maelstrom.  Rushing this one out to you because it just oh so nicely hit the spot, 100% exactly what we needed.  Thanks Alex and thanks to everybody who came to the Way Out last night for the first Way Out Weirdo Wednesday of 2016, a wonderful time was had by all!  Stay tuned for further bits from last night and be sure to save the date for next month's show on February 3rd.  We'll be announcing that lineup soon and there's a brand new full length super tricked out episode of the one and only Paradoxal Pterodactyl Periodical Podcast on the horizon (using our full name like moms is mad at us), so seriously, don't go anywhere.  

Oh, and be sure to keep up with Alex, his sweet sweet art, and all his various musicings (Hess/Cunningham, Vernacular String Trio, Hardbody) at
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snacktime - swim ignorant fire @ mushmaus 12/7/2012

• January 1st, 2016

Dipping way back into the archives to start the podcasting year off right, with a treat that we'd been saving for a special occasion.  This right here would be the last time Stephen Holliger brought his melodic ambient drone project Swim Ignorant Fire through STL, over three whole years ago now, dead square in the middle between the releases of his excellent albums "Weddings & Funerals" and "Belly Of The Whale".  Hosted at the dearly departed weirdospace Mushmaus (pour some out), recorded by Dingus with his Zoom recording thingus.  Just seemed like a soothing, peaceful, and... darkly bright (?) way to kick off the new year.  Many of you could probably even slip it past a minor hangover.  Get you a mimosa or an egg nog latte, get yourself centered with some deep breathing and this jam here, and then go take over the world, cleansed and honed.    

Go get more Swim Ignorant Fire at 

(pester him for new shit while you are at it, we miss him)
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snacktime - beauty pageant @ way out weirdo wednesday #3

• December 31st, 2015

We were a little busy, so we missed our opportunity to present this recording as a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Dystopian Future, however it's just as apt and we're totally fine with presenting this as the death rattle of 2015 (good riddance).  Beauty Pageant closed out the third installment of Way Out Weirdo Wednesday with a special trio performance (Mr. Ben/Sam/Rick) which came on like an awesome and terrible storm.  It was frigging rad and rattling.  

Join us for the next WOWW on 1/6/2016 at the Way Out Club with performances by Patrick Weston (first solo set since the dissolution of Ou Où), Biggie Stardust, Freq E. Steve, Alex Cunningham, and a improv collab by Matt Muslin and David Bell.  Killer first show of the year.  Be there.  
Have fun. Don't be dumb tonight.
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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 35

• December 30th, 2015

curated by dingus.  specimens: the last glacier, chauncey gardener, mitsubitchy, meditating with jesus, eugenics council, old school bunyan, the spiders. 

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snacktime - monster sized monster @ kismet 11/13/2015

• December 22nd, 2015

You remember that time when you were a kid, and you found this weird looking caterpillar thing, and you thought "I wonder what this turns into?"  So you scooped it up and put it in a jar with holes in the top, and watched it spin a cocoon, and waited patiently while it pupated.  Then one day you come in the room and see that the cocoon has split open, but there's no sign of any kind of bug in the jar, so you turn around to look and see how it possibly could have gotten out and to where, and then an 8 foot tall nightmare springs at you, spearing you through your organs with four chitinous forelimbs while it's mandibles slice your skull apart and its inner mouthpieces eagerly shred the juicy brain inside?

Well, that's pretty much what happens when Rusty Anderson puts down his acoustic guitar and sets aside his canon of bewildering folk tunes, shedding his "Top Grossing Films of 1984" moniker to unleash the raw animal ferocity of his long-slumbering "Monster Sized Monster" project, which podcast bro Night Grinder has repeatedly and emphatically called "the harshest act in St. Louis".  There's some other acts we could name that would give him a run for his money, but it would be BLOODY sorting out that bracket, and onlookers likely would be permanently scarred.  You've been warned.  Beware of monster.  He hungry.
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snacktime - david bell & joseph hess @ way out weirdo wednesday #3

• December 7th, 2015

You see now, THIS is what you miss when you skip a pterodactyl party.  Joe Hess (Complainerr, Hardbody, Sun Bros., Hess/Cunningham, Wrong Division, etc.) hit some drums, David Bell (Jaded Evil Lambs, Fry 13, Anhydrous Man, Ventriloquim, Paradoxal Pterodactyl, etc.) processed said drum hits and provided additional synthesis.  Special guest appearance by a suicidal xmas ornament.  Hope you asked Santa for a new stereo this year, because this shit right here is about to crush your speakers.  Thanks as always to Bob & Sherry at the Way Out Club.  Come start the new year right on January 6, 2016 for Way Out Weirdo Wednesday #4, featuring Biggie Stardust and Patrick Weston.  More acts to be announced soon, keep an eye on the PP facebook for details.

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 34

• December 2nd, 2015

curated by dingus, chad, and husky sombrero.  specimens: chad, mrs. chad, mary, bryan hobein, muscle brain, joe hess, mad at dad, the indri indri, jaded evil lambs, em, the pikers, silly man, tim, mussy cluves, redline.

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