paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 51

curated by j bravo, chad, bryan hobein, davelybob, and husky sombrero


specimens: j bravo, steddy p, chadwerk, dre, leo, johnny, hi pointe complex, the insidious device (13:59), scott, critical kidz, the radio, billy, jesus tranter (18:40), mad at dad (18:42), son of chad, the news man, a word from our sponsor, davely, darling nikki, ladybug, ntha, good morning loser (24:04), forrest, c.w. burnside* (26:50), mort, joe kile, matt, mike, chad, pascagoula '73


welcome to the family, j bravo!


*c.w. burnside is @snugbugjunky on tik tok

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