snacktime - breakdancing ronald reagan @ blank space 1/10/2013

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan is Johnathan Cash from Austin, Texas.  He's a tireless, nonstop, maybe even RELENTLESS noisemaker- touring his ass off, releasing copious amounts of material, putting on the recently defunct annual huge noisefest suxbysuxwest, bodyslamming his gear through motherfucking tables, getting knifed and hammered in his dome, etc. etc.  If you haven't witnessed him in action, you've probably at least heard the tall tales.  BRR last graced STL in 2013 at Blank Space, and Dingus was there and is proud to present for your enjoyment not only the archival audio found here, but also the man himself in person at Dingus's crib this coming Sunday, July 19, 2015.  Noise BBQ Mini-Fest!  Firing up the smoker at two, music around 4.  Full lineup is Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Aunt's Analog (also on tour from Austin), Jaded Evil Lambs, Catholic Guilt, Fecal Dam vs. Janet, Larva Lu, and American Merlin.  Not necessarily in that order.  Gonna be tits.  Be there.

Here are all the dates of the BRR/Aunt's Analog tour.  You should go.

July 15th - Austin, TX [Cherry Park]
July 16th - OFF
July 17th - Oklahoma City, OK [The Shop]
July 18th - Wichita, KS [Fairview Palace]
July 19th - St.Louis, MO [Oo-de-lally]
July 20th - Chicago, IL [Fuck Palace]
July 21st - Dayton, OH [Smiles 4 Miles]
July 22nd - Athens, OH [Bat Lounge]
July 23rd to 26th - Millstone, WV [Voice of the Valley] 
July 27th - Richmond, VA [The Crystal Palace]
July 28th - Johnson City, TN [The Hideaway]
July 29th - Atlanta, GA [Eyedrum]
July 30th - New Orleans, LA [Saturn Bar]
July 31st - OFF
August 1st - Austin, TX [Peeb's Palace] for more sounds

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