snacktime - darin gray, tatsuya nakatani, & vanessa skantze

For the second portion (and main event) of the evening, Darin & Tatsuya were joined by butoh dancer Vanessa Skantze, who gave a truly beautiful, haunting, and mesmerizing performance (other adjectives used that evening also included "gut-wrenching," "grotesque," and "horrifying").  Butoh, if you didn't know, is a subversive, confrontational, and often painfully awkward style of dance that emerged in post-WWII Japan after a series of student riots.  Tom Hill's video of the performance is well worth watching:

As before, this recording was made at Lemp Neighborhood Arts center on 10/4/2012 by Dingus with his Zoom recording thingus, and lovingly presented in 320 kbps.  See you kids at the gong show.

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