snacktime - darin gray & tatsuya nakatani

It physically pained Dingus to sit on this snacktime so long, but we were saving it for a special occasion.  Legendary St. Louis bassist Darin Gray (Dazzling Killmen, Grand Ulena, On Fillmore, etc) and NYC-based percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani (as shining an example of a man living his dream as you are likely to ever meet) unleashed this rumbling, shuddering, improvisational maelstrom a little over a year ago (10/4/2012) at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center.  Darin is currently on tour with the live production of the acclaimed public radio show Radiolab, and Tatsuya has a new record out and will be back at LNAC on 12/20 with his gong orchestra in tow.  Yes, GONG ORCHESTRA.  Put that shit on your calendar.

Recorded by Dingus, with his Zoom recording thingus.  Someone (Tom Hill, I think?) also posted video of this performance at:

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