snacktime - going where gender isn’t

Genderqueer activist Andy Semler gave this platform address at the St. Louis Ethical Society on 11/11/2013, as part of National Transgender Awareness Week.  Recording taken from the Ethical Society podcast feed, and shared with our audience with Andy's gracious permission.  

"Genderqueer people are gaining increased visibility within a society that doesn't legally recognize our existence, but we are still a minority within a minority. This talk will explore the social, economic, and health aspects of living outside the gender binary in the USA. I will also share from my own "coming of gender" story, as we begin a broader dialog: What can the humanist community do to create a society where people of all genders flourish? 

Andy Semler is an active member of the LGBT Center of St Louis, the Metro Trans Umbrella Group, and the greater online community of non-binary trans and genderqueer folk everywhere."

For more information on the Ethical Society of St. Louis ("A Welcoming Home For Humanists"), please visit

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