snacktime - harvey forest @ way out weirdo wednesday #1

So, if you missed the announcement, Paradoxal Pterodactyl is hosting a full bill of weirdo music on the first Wednesday of every month at the Way Out Club, with acts hand selected by our curatorial staff with the goal of booking new and/or rarely seen acts alongside our usual scene favorites, and the greatest hits from our podcast feed spun between sets.  The inaugural edition was on 10/7/2015, and was kicked off with this shimmering ambient set by Harvey Forest, aka Matt Muslin, playing his first STL set in five long years!  Also on the bill was Benjamin Kaplan bringing his unique flavor of thoughtful cut-up manipulations, PP regular Jaded Evil Lambs with his junksynth meanderings, and noiser power-trio-come-lately Bicycletricycle.  Don't miss the second installment of Way Out Weirdo Wednesday coming up quickly on 11/4/2015 featuring Brandywine River, Dave Stone, WHSKY JANEToR, and a one-off duo performance from David Bell & Joe Hess.  Big thanks as always to Bobbo & Sherri Danger.  Much love.  New legit episode of Paradoxal Pterodactyl coming soon, we'll likely whet your appetite with a couple more snacktimes meanwhile.  Stick around.

Check out more Harvey Forest at:
Ben Kaplan has a really cool new release you should check out as well:
Get hip to the BikeTrike steeze:
Jaded Evil Lambs is overdue for new shit, stay tuned to:

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