snacktime - i am a scary dinosaur

It's already been a busy year for Jaded Evil Lambs.  In addition to the work on this here podcast and all the UnderCurrent editing and arrangement and preparing for this year's iteration of Noisecamp at the regional Burning Man event Interfuse, our man Davelybob managed to squeeze in releasing a new collection of Jaded Evil Lambs recordings ("Left To Their Own Devices", available on, and somehow got roped into playing a unexpected series of shows that have been highly fruitful, resulting in some of his best knob twisting to date.  This tasty morsel is the most recent exhibition of audio oddities he unleashed, recorded on 4/4/2014 at the Livery Company by Brad Schumacher.  The fitting title "I Am A Scary Dinosaur" was decided on that evening shortly before the show when Dave's little buddy Zephyr uncovered the shocking truth that Dave is, in fact, a scary dinosaur.  More fossilized waveforms are to be had on 5/20 when Jaded Evil Lambs next throws down at Blank Space.  Be there.

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