snacktime - modo - stocking stuffer

Modo & Semidubs link up again for a different take on a Christmas inspired song.  Sampling "It's beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" by Bing Crosby, Stocking Stuffer compiles elements of trap style.


Sean “Modo” Jones is a rapper whose eclectic lyrical content and production sets him apart from his peers. Branching out and swerving lanes is far from taboo in Modo’s world, in fact it is just part of the process. His method of utilizing multiple genres to acquiesce the expansion of his expression is the sign of a true artist. Modo’s engineering talents allow him to create every aspect of his music and shows the true skill level and dedication to his craft. His goal of leaving a positive impact and helping to further the genre has led him to constitute new opportunities for not only himself but other artists as well.

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