snacktime - night grinder “immediate content” side b

So, you may have missed it with all the commotion the last couple of weeks, but our very good friend Brad Schumacher aka Night Grinder, recently relocated to Denver from St. Louis, has released a smoking hot new album entitled "Immediate Content".  It's noise, it's techno, it's fusion, it's uncategorizable, and most of all it's GROOVY AS FUCK.  You can purchase a digital copy (in your choice of file format) for $8 at however, if you like vinyl, spend at least $12 on it and Brad will send you a copy of the LP when it's done in a month or two (offer good for pre-orders only, it'll be $15 once the record is out, so act now).  He's graciously given us the entirety of Side B of the LP for your previewing pleasure.  Enjoy:

Track Listing:
Gnome Station
Scuzz Practice
Mean Muggin
Street Justice I
Spirit of 96
Big Crush

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