snacktime - phoned nil trio

unreleased PHONED NIL TRIO!    a Paradoxal Pterodactyl EXCLUSIVE!

"Phoned Nil Trio is the harsh noise/free improv group consisting of Peter J Woods (xALLxFORxTHISX, FTAM), Neil Gravander (Lucky Bone, ex-Fahri) and Dan Schierl (Dan of Earth, ex-Aluminum Knot Eye). The sounds are spastic and totally awkward, combining harsh static blasts with synth pulses, tape hiss, arbitrary vocal samples, and long silences in a way that barely holds itself together. Sounds awkwardly cut in and out, slowly reaching a point of equilibrium only to have it ruined by the next jarring idea, leaving the audience constantly in a state of intriguing confusion. Live, the group matches its bizarre sounds with a strange theatricality, including the band brewing a free pot of coffee for the audience at every show during the performance (the percolator often doubling as a musical instrument as well).”

also, a heads up- Peter J. Woods returns to St. Louis with Lucky Bone in tow on August 8th, playing with friend of the show The Night Grinder, at LNAC.  Do it.

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