snacktime - swim ignorant fire “the white tape”

Friend of the show Swim Ignorant Fire released this precocious little gem earlier this week with the following narrative:

"I thought I had lost all of the tapes from my first tape recorder when I was in 3rd grade or so (1994?) but this snippet was recently found on an old dying hard drive of mine.

This is probably the earliest recording of myself doing any kind of unintentional tape manipulation as well as my own ADD fueled entertainment for myself. I took this white tape everywhere, and recorded over it dozens of times until what you hear is left. I'm making this available because I think its the most honest dive into my own 3rd grade mind, and is really nostalgic to me and could be easily read as some kind of fucked up tape collage mixtape.

There are no edits within this 7 minute collage just a little bit of EQ & Limiting. All sounds were stolen from the radio or recorded around the year 1993-1994 in Armington, Illinois with sources ranging from my cousin making himself fart, jumping on the trampoline trying to destroy the recorder itself, 101.5 radio dedications to my 4th grade crush, and so much more.

<3 Armington, IL 1994 <3"

more fun at

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