snacktime - the icebergs

The blurb that The Icebergs sent us was "We are The Icebergs and we are a St. Louis-based experimental band. We fuse noise, trip-hop, industrial, jazz, and more into bite sized bits and choking hazards for your aural enjoyment."

We'll go a step further and note for the record that the band was Brad Schumacher, Austin Case and Rob Rosener, and they completed recording their debut album shortly before disbanding when Brad moved to Denver last summer. A little more than a year later, the mixing and mastering and website building is complete, and has been launched for public consumption. To celebrate, a listening party was held at Dingus's house this past Sunday while Brad was in town on tour with his project Night Grinder, and each member selected a song from the record to share with us in this snacktime. The three songs presented here are (in order): "The Ballad of Prancing Rat", "Dead Names", and "Under The Iceberg". The masterfully crafted and sensitively mixed full 9-song album can be had for $7, along with lots of bonus material and a full bio, at their website, also check out their facebook page at and look for a new project from Rob and Austin sometime in 2016. But for now, dig into this little treasure. Strong contender for STL recording of the year. Don't sleep on it.

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