snacktime - undercurrent #1 bonus track: catholic guilt

Here is the rest of Catholic Guilt's set at the first Undercurrent show way back on 1/30/2014 at the Schlafly Tap Room.  The rest of their set was featured on the cassette put out by Eat Tapes, and available to download or stream at

Catholic Guilt is playing a show tonight at Melt (2712 Cherokee) with Larva Lu and Taboo from Portland, Maine, and three acts from Nebraska: Coyote, Black Pillar, and Aqua-Eroticum (who played here back in November at the show at Plush that spawned the Janet/Jaded Evil Lambs collab a couple snacktimes ago- highly recommended noizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze).  10 PM - 12AM, short and sweet, $8 get you in, additional $$$ gets you merch, booze, and waffles.  Do it.
Undercurrent WAS a production of Wrong Division, Paradoxal Pterodactyl,, and Schlafly Tap Room.  Recorded live by Charlie Nehr and David Bell, the two recordings were mixed together by Brad Schumacher, edited and retouched for the podcast by Dingus. <- FREE DOWNLOADS- ALL 12 UNDERCURRENT MIXTAPES! <- UNDERCURRENT VISUAL INSANITY 

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