snacktime - undercurrent #11 side c

A bit behind schedule (no surprise to regular listeners to the podcast), but worth the wait (natch).  Last Thursday was the last Undercurrent show of the series to be recorded, and the release party from last month's tape (released in conjunction with Close/Far), featuring John Tamm-Buckle, Kevin Harris, NNN Cook, and Britches.  Charles Evans also delivered an acidic spoken dissertation/dissection of various subjects and sources, which was not used on the tape for reasons.  Accordingly, this digital Side C is all for him.  Full-on rethinged hoo-ha deluxe edition- AKA Charles Evans Vs. Jaded Evil Lambs.

THE VERY LAST UNDERCURRENT SHOW IS JANUARY 29, 2015!  Come on out and snag the last cassette tape release of the series, Undercurrent #12 featuring Ben Hanna, Animal Teeth, 18 & Counting, The Conformists, and Skarekrauradio!  (Man, THAT was an epic show.) BOX SETS and several other surprise goodies will also be available, along with plenty of always delicious Schlafly beer.  Drink all you want!  They'll make more!  (Please drive responsibly. Dumbass).  Entertainment for the evening will be live, not-to-be-recorded-or-put-on-tape-but-fantastic-and-not-to-be-missed-anyway performances by Cave Of Swords, Trauma Harness, Ghost Ice, and Skin Tags.
Charles Evans recorded on 11/20/2014 at Schlafly Tap Room by Charlie Nehr.  Additional recording and arrangement by David Bell at the Customer Cervix Center over the last week or so.  Undercurrent is a production of Wrong Division, Schlafly Tap Room, Paradoxal Pterodactyl, and <- downloads of UC tapes rolling out! 

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