snacktime - undercurrent #12 side c

Tonight is the very last Undercurrent event at the Schlfafly Tap Room, and the release of the last FREE cassette mixtape.  If you've missed out on everything so far, or are a completist, or just love us all that much, there will also be a limited edition box set available for purchase (proceeds go to Stephen Houldsworth's Ferguson leadership fund), which includes all 12 tapes, a specially made box with two different covers to hold them all, and a REALLY groovy DVD from capturing some of his favorite perfomances from the whole series paired with video of the live improvised video projections he was running with them.  A very exciting set, only 10 available, $75 each.  And as always, great beer, great food, and great tunes. Tonight we have encore performances by Trauma Harness and CaveofSwordS, two exciting new bands Hardbody (members of Braining and Stonechat) and Skin Tags (members of Little Big Bangs and Spelling Bee), and the ever amazing GHOST ICE. 

So, tonight's the last show, and this is the Side C for the last mixtape, featuring 18andCounting, Animal Teeth, The Conformists (totally taking the piss, I might add), Ben Hanna, and Skarekrau Radio.  It's an interesting mix and an appropriate send-off for the Undercurrent series, but don't think the fun is over yet.  There is still lots of material we'll be dropping for a while longer- we'll have the missing Side C for #7 eventually (was a problem with one of the recordings, it's fixable but haven't had the time just yet), several additional selections to be released as individual bonus tracks, maybe some bootleg audio from tonight, and then some of the remaining clips may just find their way into episodes of Paradoxal Pterodactyl, so please do stick around for all the fun to be found in this feed.  It's been a fun journey together thus far, right?
Undercurrent #12 performances recorded 12/19/2014 at Schlafly Tap Room by Charlie Nehr.  Additional recording/editing/arranging by David Bell.  Cassette released in conjunction with APOP Records.  Undercurrent is a production of Wrong Division, Schlafly Tap Room, Paradoxal Pterodactyl, and <- FREE DOWNLOADS- ALL 12 UNDERCURRENT MIXTAPES! <- UNDERCURRENT VISUAL INSANITY 

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