snacktime - undercurrent #4 bonus track: hess/cunningham duo

Way back in April, our monthly gig at the Tap Room commenced with a thoughtful set by Undercurrent honcho and prominent local skinsman Joe Hess and his string-oriented compatriot Alex Cunningham, which was in turns both sparse and layered; both meditative and ominously foreboding.  Grade A trippy shit, MAAAAAN. The set didn't make it onto the tape or the digital Side C in our feed for a few reasons, mainly because it was not part of the scheduled lineup, but an impromptu thing to fill a last minute cancellation, and was not recorded through Charlie Nehr's nice recording rig like the other sets.  David Bell did, however, catch it on his thingus- er, ahem- on his RECORDER, rather.  There are only two more Undercurrent shows left (this month's installment featuring Kevin Harris, John Tamm-Buckle, NNNathan Cook, Charles Evans, and Britches is in a scant two days!), so we're rolling out this and a few other choice morsels we've been sitting on, as we intend to go out with a bang!  Still plenty of surprises left, so make sure you're there to witness them!

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