snacktime - will to nothingness

Adolph Bunyan & The Nazi Lumberjacks is up in this piece!  This track was a live brap by HLIC (head lumberjack in charge) Davelybob, with special guest Ra3ndy (accomplished visual artist and board game designer), and will be featured on one of the two Bunyan albums that D-Bob is currently polishing for release (and has been for quite some time now, to be honest).  Once that feat is accomplished, the AB+TNL moniker will be shelved indefinitely in favor of his new project Jaded Evil Lambs, not to mention resolving the yin/yang dichotomy that comes with simultaneously being both Davelybob and Dingus.

[  whatever would our hero do without his mask?  #LOLCHAD  ;P  ]

UPDATE:  Those albums were eventually released under the name Jaded Evil Lambs.  (  The Bunyan sleeps tonight.  Heil Bunyan.

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