paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 17

• May 17th, 2012

curated by dingus and chad.  specimens: dr. h., jigsaw rhetoric, dishwasher, chadwerk, d-sherm, steve burns, turan, fraser, mad at dad, arbria, money sighs, j+a, jaded evil lambs, brockefeller, green room rockers, mikenstein, ezd, ildot, power animal

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snacktime - happy mother’s day

• May 13th, 2012

What did you get your mom?

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snacktime - dixon’s violin at interfuse 2012

• May 8th, 2012

Electric violin virtuoso Dixon (Dixon's Violin) astonished all with his superlative performance at the regional Burning Man event Interfuse this past weekend, hosted by the sound camp Eyelicker.  Recorded for posterity by Davelybob, it is a supreme honor to share the experience with our audience, with Dixon's ever-gracious permission.  The man is a gift to us from the universe.

Next time you should be there.

Dixon's website:

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 16

• May 1st, 2012

curated by dingus.  specimens:  bryan hobein, b-shiz, bachman, mr. sillyman, timmy, the imperial barbecue ensemble, eugenics council, fry 13, wal-people, blane fonda, lucky bone, @docmisterio, xrin arms, tom kopp, maxwell knocke, i know no means yes

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snacktime - catholic guilt @ apop (record store day 2012)

• April 23rd, 2012

The intersection of Cherokee Street and Oregon Avenue was the epicenter of a massive rumbling freakout on Saturday as APOP Records roped off the street outside to unleash some of St. Louis's craziest acts on the general public. Catholic Guilt's stunning set centered around their particular interpretation of some old Ngozi Family tunes (look it up). Dingus is very pleased with the recordings he got- is it live or is it paradoxal?

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snacktime - wild bill bigcock is fergalicious

• April 21st, 2012

all that other shit = fictitious.  blowing kisses to bill on his birthday.

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snacktime - phoned nil trio

• April 17th, 2012

unreleased PHONED NIL TRIO!    a Paradoxal Pterodactyl EXCLUSIVE!

"Phoned Nil Trio is the harsh noise/free improv group consisting of Peter J Woods (xALLxFORxTHISX, FTAM), Neil Gravander (Lucky Bone, ex-Fahri) and Dan Schierl (Dan of Earth, ex-Aluminum Knot Eye). The sounds are spastic and totally awkward, combining harsh static blasts with synth pulses, tape hiss, arbitrary vocal samples, and long silences in a way that barely holds itself together. Sounds awkwardly cut in and out, slowly reaching a point of equilibrium only to have it ruined by the next jarring idea, leaving the audience constantly in a state of intriguing confusion. Live, the group matches its bizarre sounds with a strange theatricality, including the band brewing a free pot of coffee for the audience at every show during the performance (the percolator often doubling as a musical instrument as well).”

also, a heads up- Peter J. Woods returns to St. Louis with Lucky Bone in tow on August 8th, playing with friend of the show The Night Grinder, at LNAC.  Do it.

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snacktime - joe hess & nnn cook

• April 9th, 2012

Joe Hess & NNN Cook live at the "Spend an Evening With Tapes" event at Floating Laboratories on 3.14.2012

recorded by Dingus.

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 15

• April 2nd, 2012

curated by dingus.  specimens:  greta christina, lady bug, chad, the black water, chica, t-dertz, greg, jameel, the holy hand grenades, brad, will, morgan nusbaum

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snacktime - trista digiuseppi reads “the final stomp”

• March 26th, 2012

Trista DiGiuseppi reads "The Final Stomp", an excerpt from her novel "Nails Jane", a taut sci-fi thriller, out now.

music by Kevin MacLeod and Joe Pini.

For more info on this book, including a sweet video trailer and links to purchase paperback and digital editions, visit

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snacktime - the pozo stompers

• March 16th, 2012

The Pozo Stompers was a short-lived NoCo power trio consisting of singer/guitarist Drew Bretz (Andrew Patrick, AstroChimp), with his longtime drummer Pete Sansone and bassist Josh Elliott (both formerly of Matt's Dad's Basement).  Their sole release was the "Banzai!!!" EP, recorded and mixed at Bretz's own Alchemy Studios in 2004, presented here in its glorious entirety.

1. Leapin' Lizard!

2. Money Machine

3. Sub-Rosa

4. Invisible Pain

5. Rosemary

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 14

• March 6th, 2012

curated by dingus.  specimens:  chemical x, jenny jones, jessica, 2facedbeatmachines, brian, bill, kim, jennypenny, old jim and the mountain orchard band, solar shadows (karthik kakarala), teen skunk, the radish king, love kingsford

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snacktime - the party bus is leaving

• February 27th, 2012

The current revision of the Love, Kingsford lineup is no joke.  Eric Donton pounds the drums like he never got up from behind them, Rick Boyle continues to thump out hot bass licks, guitar duties are split by the doubly dangerous duo of Jeph Van Hagar and Ryan McCormick (who was sorely missed in his three years or so absence from the stage), freeing up Tim Dotson to sing, dance and jump around as the undeniably charismatic front man that anyone who has ever met him knows him to be.  In this recording captured live by Dingus, they start their set last Friday at the Way Out Club with the announcement that a hundred people are walking out the door, and the boys obligingly supply appropriate exit music...

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snacktime - nakatani/covin/sarich

• February 10th, 2012

Tatsuya Nakatani got his percussion on at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center on 12.3.2010

For this selected excerpt, he was joined by Sandra Covin on guitar, and Mark Sarich on cello.

Recorded by Dingus.

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snacktime - violet’s carol/santa claus

• December 23rd, 2011

...a very pterodactyl christmas special in two parts:

part the first: friend of the show Justin Fisher's daughter Violet gives us a precious rendition of an old favorite

part the second: a contemporary yuletide composition from dearly departed St. Louis band Meh

do what you do, people, and have a good time.  see ya next year!

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snacktime - andy hyland - don’t know

• December 19th, 2011

andy hyland (the musicianist) has been playing all over the damn place lately.

he'll be at jumpin jupiter this wednesday, 12/21, and lemmon's on 1/7

get more of his tunes at:

mr. hyland was david the gnome for halloween.  it was adorable.

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 13

• December 6th, 2011

curated by chad, dingus, and bryan.  specimens:  turan, emily, paid paul, barroom bobbo, george hrab, phoned nil trio, mr. silly man, timmy, blane fonda, old jim and the mountain orchard band, sass, shelah, sarah, stella, lady bug, ds, private estate

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snacktime - disrupture

• November 29th, 2011

Our first submission from south of the equator is a raging, slobbering slab of psychotic improv jam courtesy of Melbourne based group Disrupture.  This set was recorded live at Brunswick Hotel on 8-14-2011.  More info on Melbourne's avant-garde/experimental music scene can be found at

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snacktime - wafflefest

• November 18th, 2011

Adolph Bunyan & The Nazi Lumberjacks perform live at NoisefeSTL 2011

AB&TNL = Davelybob

featuring special guest lumberjack, Mr. Sean Burk (Escalade, Catholic Guilt)

recorded by Brad Schumacher

Congratulations to Davelybob and Lady Bug!

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snacktime - GBmojo - “Spiders”

• October 4th, 2011

GBmojo is the touring duo of solo singer/songwriters Ginger Doss & Bekah Kelso from Austin, TX.

Dingus recorded this at a super fun show they played at his parent's house on 6/4/2011

This is one of Bekah's songs from her new album "Departures"

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 12

• September 21st, 2011

curated by chad and dingus.  specimens: bryan hobein, jump starts, xrin arms, seanburk, sumner, nik, lee, fry 13, chica, t-dertz, yeph, timmy, brock, craig, great britain e, mad at dad, piranha man, mavis concave, and other

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snacktime - fight night at the creepy crawl

• September 15th, 2011

some names have been changed to protect the criminally insane.

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 11

• September 6th, 2011

curated by chad and dingus.  specimens:  chad's mom, dan barker, elliot wilson, shelah, matt, bill, sarah, sass, em, bill w, mort, adam, dan, debbie, doug, germ v, airport cop, the holy hand grenades, navigator, dr. h., syna so pro, sandoval, sound revolution, mikenstein, dawninator, george hrab, mad at dad, mark sarich, seals of similar size, and other

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snacktime - drunk driving is fun

• August 31st, 2011

"Drunk Driving Is Fun" EP by Losers Make Good

Tim Dotson/Ryan McCormick/Eric Donton

1. When Will It End? 2. Unbuttoned 3. I.O.U. 4. Glue Trap Summer

Recorded and mixed in 2007 by Mario Viele at the Roadhouse

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 10

• August 24th, 2011

curated by chad and dingus.  specimens:  andrew patrick, b-shiz, timmy, turan, germ v, mad at dad, spillman, poncho, the night grinder, smd, the funs, wes, dogboy, UE, em, chillysox, bryan hobein, bill tucker, .e(r!c hall), harmony band, keith, jigsaw rhetoric, joe, marc, marcus, adam, the angry corn stalks, folsom beat, mort, barack, adolph bunyan & the nazi lumberjacks, steve b, cryptic composure, roy, mcclymonaut, brian w, mr. pepperhill, dandan, doug, arvo zylo, and other

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snacktime - the clouds are smiling - part 2

• August 8th, 2011

(continued from part 1)

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snacktime - the clouds are smiling - part 1

• July 31st, 2011

A good friend of ours, mad at dad, made some instrumental cds back in the day. He has been featured on some episodes of the 'dactyl before, but we thought this particular collection would be good as a stand alone snack. This is part 1, which is all of 'the clouds are smiling' cd except for the last track. Part 2 will be the last track and the "hidden" tracks.  visit for more.

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snacktime - Tootie “T” - How Can You Funk ??? (extended mix)

• July 19th, 2011

STL funk circa 1994. from the cassette single How Can U Funk??? dingus dimly recalls that Tootie "T" might have been a non-teacher authority figure from his high school. he trades this tape back and forth with his siblings on birthdays and christmases every few years.

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snacktime - GTR Prophet

• June 28th, 2011

"GTR Prophet", the closing opus from Cackling Hen's just released debut record "An Anthology of Dead Hens". Starts off weird, then takes a turn for the highly awesome. High quality downloads of the entire wicked sick album FREE at:

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 9

• June 21st, 2011

curated by chad and dingus.  specimens:  mr. silly man, dj, germ v, mandy, joe kile, swim ignorant fire, mad at dad, the sgu crew, miss robin, boo, agent 138, escalade, the old lady from episode one, lucky bone, the night grinder and other

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snacktime - peter j woods @ noisefeSTL 2010

• June 4th, 2011

Recorded live by Dingus. Peter J Woods is on tour right now! Remaining dates through 6/9 in Iowa City, Columbia, Nashville, Bloomington, Cincinatti, and Grand Rapids. Next date in St. Louis is August 9 &10 @ LEMP. for info.

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snacktime - st. louis brass band plays “bohemian rhapsody”

• May 20th, 2011

recorded live by dingus at the florissant valley civic center

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snacktime - cynical simon reads “the perfect weapon”

• May 11th, 2011

Cynical Simon reads from his book, "The Perfect Weapon". Simon says: it's available on the kindle.

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 8

• March 29th, 2011

curated by chad and dingus. specimens:  the sheriff, catholic guilt, bryan hobein, anacrusis, mad at dad, snatch patch, ladybug, sam the eagle, erk, mr. silly man, tim, jh & smd, bill tucker, em, and other

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snacktime - lonely is the night

• March 27th, 2011

lonely is the night 3 song ep by brosby, kills and kash. from 7" vinyl.

watch the video:

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snacktime - arianna string quartet @ tower grove park stupp center 3/16/2011

• March 27th, 2011

Arianna String Quartet @ Tower Grove Park Stupp Center 3/16/2011 Ravel's String Quartet in F Major, Second Movement: Assez vif - Très rythmé Live recording by Dingus.

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snacktime - swim ignorant fire - fructose

• March 27th, 2011

"Fructose", from the new Swim Ignorant Fire album "Last Days"

available to purchase at:

official site:

Top-notch musician and genuinely nice guy. Gives him your moneys.

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 7

• March 9th, 2011

curated by chad and dingus.  specimens: bryan hobein, george hrab, g. king, fantasy four, the flying mcclymonts, leland p. malaria, germ v, turan, ken, jason, the art guy, tim, erk, the newsman, mr. sillyman, electrograph, love kingsford, top shelf pussy, i know no means yes, dave treadway, fry 13, and other

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snacktime - .e(r!c hall) live @ schlafly tap room 7.16.09

• February 9th, 2011

.e(r!c hall) is a conglomeration of solo artists Dottie Georges (.e), and Eric Hall.

They are always this rad.

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 6

• February 1st, 2011

curated by chad.  specimens:  dj, joe kile, germ v, bryan hobein, k-bux, mps, tim, mr. sillyman, jeph, dingus, the news man, brother sam singleton, rebecca watson, duck, em, mc climbonmynuts, bethany, paid paul, mo, barack, art guy, and other

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snacktime - astrochimp

• February 1st, 2011

Astrochimp EP

1. Factory   2. I Wanna Be A Porn Star   3. iamprettierthanu   4. Sometimes   5. Wiffleball Wars

John Chimp, Paul Chimp, George Chimp, and Ringo Chimp

Produced by Andrew Patrick at Alchemy Studios in 2001 or 2003.

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snacktime - evolve @ noisefeSTL 2010

• February 1st, 2011

recorded live by Dingus.

Evolve has records available through Realicide Youth Records

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 5

• January 24th, 2011

curated by chad and dingus.  specimens: production crew of "the nietzsche effect", thomas aquinas something rather, the little psychopath, mad at dad, oblive + sobou shuu, dj, james, germ v, spill bill, tha mrs., incidental matt, kim, UE, pz myers, 86ed sight

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snacktime - happy birthday poopyhead

• December 2nd, 2010

Sammy wishing Aya a happy birthday.  Music by mad at dad.

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 4

• November 30th, 2010

curated by chad.  specimens: germ v, dj, willbot robot (of cryptic composure), uri, joe kile, mo, paid paul, ben, bill w, alison, mikel

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snacktime - mawlid drone commander

• November 25th, 2010

Mawlid Drone Commander (Sahibzada Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri vs. Eric Archer) Very simple mashup by Adolph Bunyan & The Nazi Lumberjacks Using youtube doubler. Check it out at the source, it's never exactly the same twice:

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snacktime - turkey

• November 17th, 2010

happy turkeyday!

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 3

• November 9th, 2010

curated by chad and dingus.   specimens: germ v, drew, paid paul, joe, camtron, the news man, mary, mr. silly man, moneybags, sarahspills, mf jenny jones, noisedad, jason

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snacktime - episode 2.5

• October 14th, 2010

!yaw siht emosewa sdnuos ti -sdrawkcab deyalp owt edosipe fo knuhc ecin a

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 2

• October 14th, 2010

curated by chad and dingus.  specimens: germ v, sooperchelle, dj, rhi, paid paul, mo, todd, joe, k, b, adolph bunyan & the nazi lumberjacks

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