paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 31

• April 13th, 2015

curated by dingus, chad, and husky sombrero.  specimens: jessica campbell, jaded evil lambs, the ursula gunn, the violent years, mad at dad, son of chad, kevin, paul, cameron, stasia, mort, ben, dj, del bud, fone friends, wind & wood, rocks & shoes, brad, radon 222 dub, unfortunate & disoriented young lady dialing the wrong number in the middle of the night, jupiter/moonrock, willis, deion, anhydrous man, bryan hobein.

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snacktime - .e “arp” & “of bones (of ghosts)”

• April 1st, 2015

Approaching rapidly:  Dottie Georges AKA .e takes to the stage after an extended hiatus, to celebrate the release of her debut album "Of Crashing Symbols" in CD, LP, and digital download formats.  Featured here are two of the 9 tracks on the record, "Arp" and "Of Bones (Of Ghosts)".  To get the rest of it, stay tuned at for details or come on out to the release show on Saturday, 4.11.2015 at the Heavy Anchor (5226 Gravois Ave., St. Louis, MO 63116), featuring superb opening acts Van Buren and Hands & Feet.  Starts at 9 PM, $5 gets you in, 21 and up please!  Don't miss this joyous event, it has been a long time in the making!

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 30

• March 19th, 2015

curated by dingus.  specimens: thirteen after, essex bounty, jaded evil lambs, tracie harris (axp), the arms of sleep, shea, blank generation, the further adventures of lieutenant rushing, fry13, radiator greys.

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snacktime - Jeremy of ‘Johnnie In Jeans’ sings “security guard”

• March 15th, 2015
Jeremy of the group 'Johnnie In Jeans' (and a good pal of tha 'cast) sings a tune off of his previous record.  Recorded at Chad's house.
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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 29

• March 3rd, 2015

curated by chad.  specimens: cryptic composure, tha mo murda crew, fone friends, josh, fry daddy, the nelories, stl zoo train, mort & joe, matt, mccausland skinker clayton oakland, germ v, london underground, johnny mac & cheese, 810, blair, laurie, project sted-fast, ken, joe & marc, matt, sara, mr. silly man, george hrab, wiggs, dj, tim, todd, the news man, michelle, debbie, stasia, em, turan, johnnie in jeans

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snacktime - 32 pc. vintage party set @ the way out club 9/23/2014

• February 19th, 2015

John Parker and Justin Pitonak have made a name for themselves in the STL music scene in a relatively short period of time, playing with their various projects (32 Pc. Vintage Party Set, Pet Rock: the Musical, and Stone Hen), and booking a series of ambitious and successful shows with diverse lineups that straddle several genres.  This piece, entitled "John Carpenter Lied To Me" closed out an evening at the good old Way Out Club back in September, a sparsely attended show that Davelybob booked as part of the Way Out's 20th anniversary celebration.  Not a lot of people came, but every single set that evening was blisteringly great (also on the bill were The Top Grossing Films of 1984, Jaded Evil Lambs, A Black Cat, and all the way from Indiana, the amazing chiptunes artist Hypnogram).  Luckily Dingus and his Zoom recording thingus were there to document it all, so you don't feel too terribly left out by not having been there.  But next time, don't fuck around.  Get your ass to the show.

Go check out for more.
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snacktime - undercurrent #1 bonus track: catholic guilt

• February 12th, 2015

Here is the rest of Catholic Guilt's set at the first Undercurrent show way back on 1/30/2014 at the Schlafly Tap Room.  The rest of their set was featured on the cassette put out by Eat Tapes, and available to download or stream at

Catholic Guilt is playing a show tonight at Melt (2712 Cherokee) with Larva Lu and Taboo from Portland, Maine, and three acts from Nebraska: Coyote, Black Pillar, and Aqua-Eroticum (who played here back in November at the show at Plush that spawned the Janet/Jaded Evil Lambs collab a couple snacktimes ago- highly recommended noizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze).  10 PM - 12AM, short and sweet, $8 get you in, additional $$$ gets you merch, booze, and waffles.  Do it.
Undercurrent WAS a production of Wrong Division, Paradoxal Pterodactyl,, and Schlafly Tap Room.  Recorded live by Charlie Nehr and David Bell, the two recordings were mixed together by Brad Schumacher, edited and retouched for the podcast by Dingus. <- FREE DOWNLOADS- ALL 12 UNDERCURRENT MIXTAPES! <- UNDERCURRENT VISUAL INSANITY 
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snacktime - undercurrent #12 side c

• January 29th, 2015

Tonight is the very last Undercurrent event at the Schlfafly Tap Room, and the release of the last FREE cassette mixtape.  If you've missed out on everything so far, or are a completist, or just love us all that much, there will also be a limited edition box set available for purchase (proceeds go to Stephen Houldsworth's Ferguson leadership fund), which includes all 12 tapes, a specially made box with two different covers to hold them all, and a REALLY groovy DVD from capturing some of his favorite perfomances from the whole series paired with video of the live improvised video projections he was running with them.  A very exciting set, only 10 available, $75 each.  And as always, great beer, great food, and great tunes. Tonight we have encore performances by Trauma Harness and CaveofSwordS, two exciting new bands Hardbody (members of Braining and Stonechat) and Skin Tags (members of Little Big Bangs and Spelling Bee), and the ever amazing GHOST ICE. 

So, tonight's the last show, and this is the Side C for the last mixtape, featuring 18andCounting, Animal Teeth, The Conformists (totally taking the piss, I might add), Ben Hanna, and Skarekrau Radio.  It's an interesting mix and an appropriate send-off for the Undercurrent series, but don't think the fun is over yet.  There is still lots of material we'll be dropping for a while longer- we'll have the missing Side C for #7 eventually (was a problem with one of the recordings, it's fixable but haven't had the time just yet), several additional selections to be released as individual bonus tracks, maybe some bootleg audio from tonight, and then some of the remaining clips may just find their way into episodes of Paradoxal Pterodactyl, so please do stick around for all the fun to be found in this feed.  It's been a fun journey together thus far, right?
Undercurrent #12 performances recorded 12/19/2014 at Schlafly Tap Room by Charlie Nehr.  Additional recording/editing/arranging by David Bell.  Cassette released in conjunction with APOP Records.  Undercurrent is a production of Wrong Division, Schlafly Tap Room, Paradoxal Pterodactyl, and <- FREE DOWNLOADS- ALL 12 UNDERCURRENT MIXTAPES! <- UNDERCURRENT VISUAL INSANITY 
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snacktime - janet evil lambs

• January 16th, 2015

This one-off improvised collaboration between Grace Smith (Janet) and David Bell (Jaded Evil Lambs) was recorded at Plush STL (RIP) on 11/24/2014.  It was an interesting evening to say the least.

Speaking of, one week from today (1/23/2015) there is a killer noise show going on at Livery Company, featuring Janet, Jaded Evil Lambs, Small Pox Champion, and Fecal Dam as the STL locals and the EXCELLENT touring lineup of Mass Comm (Dayton, OH), BOAR (Dubuque, IA), and Justin Marc Lloyd (Chicago, IL).  Highly recommend you do not miss this one.
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snacktime - undercurrent #8 side c

• January 15th, 2015

Here's the bonus digital content for the Undercurrent #8 cassette, at long last!  This one got put off because...  well, we had a lot going on just then.  But it's here now and it is totally bitchin'!

Matthew Questionmark
Brett Underwood
Gluey Guni Basement Show (a production)
The very last Undercurrent show is coming up on January 29, 2015.  Come on out to pick up your free copy of the Undercurrent #12 cassette (featuring live performances by Ben Hanna, The Conformists, 12 & Counting, Animal Teeth, and Skarekrau Radio), peruse the other special limited edition Undercurrent items on offer (box sets, dvds, etc... proceeds go to charity), have some delicious food and drink, and take in the evening's entertainment (encore performances by Trauma Harness and CaveofswordS, plus Skin Tags, Hard Body, and goddamn motherfucking GHOST ICE).  Not to mention the usual mind-blowing visual projections.  Don't miss it.
Undercurrent #8 performances recorded 8/28/2014 at Schlafly Tap Room by Charlie Nehr.  Additional recording/editing/arranging by David Bell.  Cassette released in conjunction with MaxCorp Industries.  Undercurrent is a production of Wrong Division, Schlafly Tap Room, Paradoxal Pterodactyl, and <- downloads of UC tapes rolling out! 
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snacktime - undercurrent #11 side c

• December 24th, 2014

A bit behind schedule (no surprise to regular listeners to the podcast), but worth the wait (natch).  Last Thursday was the last Undercurrent show of the series to be recorded, and the release party from last month's tape (released in conjunction with Close/Far), featuring John Tamm-Buckle, Kevin Harris, NNN Cook, and Britches.  Charles Evans also delivered an acidic spoken dissertation/dissection of various subjects and sources, which was not used on the tape for reasons.  Accordingly, this digital Side C is all for him.  Full-on rethinged hoo-ha deluxe edition- AKA Charles Evans Vs. Jaded Evil Lambs.

THE VERY LAST UNDERCURRENT SHOW IS JANUARY 29, 2015!  Come on out and snag the last cassette tape release of the series, Undercurrent #12 featuring Ben Hanna, Animal Teeth, 18 & Counting, The Conformists, and Skarekrauradio!  (Man, THAT was an epic show.) BOX SETS and several other surprise goodies will also be available, along with plenty of always delicious Schlafly beer.  Drink all you want!  They'll make more!  (Please drive responsibly. Dumbass).  Entertainment for the evening will be live, not-to-be-recorded-or-put-on-tape-but-fantastic-and-not-to-be-missed-anyway performances by Cave Of Swords, Trauma Harness, Ghost Ice, and Skin Tags.
Charles Evans recorded on 11/20/2014 at Schlafly Tap Room by Charlie Nehr.  Additional recording and arrangement by David Bell at the Customer Cervix Center over the last week or so.  Undercurrent is a production of Wrong Division, Schlafly Tap Room, Paradoxal Pterodactyl, and <- downloads of UC tapes rolling out! 
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snacktime - undercurrent #10 side c

• November 20th, 2014

We're nearing the end of our grand experiment, tonight marks Undercurrent #11 at the Schlafly Tap Room. Here is the best of the leftovers from last month's show that didn't make it onto the tape (which may just be the best tape of the series thus far), arranged in provocative manner with significant liberties taken.  

Dave Stone
Maximum Effort
Hands And Feet
Eric Hall
Tonight's show is set to explode at 9 PM, with musical performances by Kevin Harris, John Tamm-Buckle, Nathan Cook, and Britches, with spoken word by Charles Evans, and as always a killer display of improvised video projections by Chad Eivins, this month (like last month) done in tandem with Kevin Harris, so extra trippy fun to be had!  Free show!  Free tape!  Yummy beer and food!  Performances included here recorded on 10/30/2014 at Schlafly Tap Room by Charlie Nehr.  Additional recording and editing/remixing by David Bell.  Undercurrent is a production of Wrong Division, Schlafly Tap Room, Paradoxal Pterodactyl, and  Undercurrent #10 mixtape released in conjunction with Acid Kat Records. <- downloads of UC tapes rolling out! 
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snacktime - undercurrent #4 bonus track: hess/cunningham duo

• November 18th, 2014

Way back in April, our monthly gig at the Tap Room commenced with a thoughtful set by Undercurrent honcho and prominent local skinsman Joe Hess and his string-oriented compatriot Alex Cunningham, which was in turns both sparse and layered; both meditative and ominously foreboding.  Grade A trippy shit, MAAAAAN. The set didn't make it onto the tape or the digital Side C in our feed for a few reasons, mainly because it was not part of the scheduled lineup, but an impromptu thing to fill a last minute cancellation, and was not recorded through Charlie Nehr's nice recording rig like the other sets.  David Bell did, however, catch it on his thingus- er, ahem- on his RECORDER, rather.  There are only two more Undercurrent shows left (this month's installment featuring Kevin Harris, John Tamm-Buckle, NNNathan Cook, Charles Evans, and Britches is in a scant two days!), so we're rolling out this and a few other choice morsels we've been sitting on, as we intend to go out with a bang!  Still plenty of surprises left, so make sure you're there to witness them!

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snacktime - keith lowell jensen “reindeer poop”

• November 17th, 2014

Sacramento based comedian and friend of the show Keith Lowell Jensen (see PP episode 22), has a new cd & dvd "Atheist Christmas", available November 25th on Stand Up! Records.  Here's the first track as a sneak peek, to preorder "Atheist Christmas" or to check out any of his older offerings, go to

Stuff them stockings, kids.
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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 28

• November 12th, 2014

curated by dingus. specimens: uv et al, anhydrous man, king rello feat. j north, nina s0meone, oma tarzhay, ladybug, meh, mark reighard, jaded evil lambs, angie martinez, old scratch's burn pile, mad at dad, my sweet baby, fry 13.

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snacktime - undercurrent #9 side c

• October 30th, 2014

Here's the bonus online content for the free cassette tape being released at tonight's Undercurrent show at the Schlafly Tap Room, consisting of material recorded at last month's Undercurrent show at the Schlafly Tap Room. We've got that part down now, right?

Kingston Family Singers (Jaded Evil Lambs remix)
Willis (Jaded Evil Lambs remix)
Tonight we've got some real heavy hitters lined up for ya, Dave Stone, Eric Hall, Maximum Effort, and Hands And Feet.  Free show! Free tape!  BEER BEER BEER!  Good food if you're into that kind of thing.
Performances recorded 9/25/2014 at Schlafly Tap Room by Charlie Nehr.  Additional recording and editing by David Bell. Undercurrent is a production of Wrong Division, Schlafly Tap Room, Paradoxal Pterodactyl, and  Undercurrent #9 mixtape released in conjunction with Mounds Music.
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snacktime - kingston family singers @ lemp neighborhood arts center 7/26/2014

• September 15th, 2014

Everyone's favorite stuffed dog/human slave noise duo, Kingston Family Singers, once again let loose their proprietary blend of improvisational audio-visual brainwave control at Lemp for the last stop of their summer tour with Peter J. Woods.  Dingus was on hand to document the occasion and harness your brain by proxy on their behalf.  If you just can't get enough of this schtuff, head on over to and download away, or come on out to the Schlafly Tap Room next Thursday (9/25) and witness KFS in person, as they lay down their slab of sound at the next installment of Undercurrent. 

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 27

• September 2nd, 2014

curated by chad and dingus.  specimens: mad at dad, son of chad, cryptic composure, mrs. pterodactyl, turan, tharino, george hrab, ben, ken, irate taxpayer, joe stein, the top grossing films of 1984, krafted in korea, swan gone, jaded evil lambs, stephen & graham, nothing of merit, peat henry, sunyatta, kelli & mette (remix), brad, and other.

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snacktime - night grinder “immediate content” side b

• August 25th, 2014

So, you may have missed it with all the commotion the last couple of weeks, but our very good friend Brad Schumacher aka Night Grinder, recently relocated to Denver from St. Louis, has released a smoking hot new album entitled "Immediate Content".  It's noise, it's techno, it's fusion, it's uncategorizable, and most of all it's GROOVY AS FUCK.  You can purchase a digital copy (in your choice of file format) for $8 at however, if you like vinyl, spend at least $12 on it and Brad will send you a copy of the LP when it's done in a month or two (offer good for pre-orders only, it'll be $15 once the record is out, so act now).  He's graciously given us the entirety of Side B of the LP for your previewing pleasure.  Enjoy:

Track Listing:
Gnome Station
Scuzz Practice
Mean Muggin
Street Justice I
Spirit of 96
Big Crush
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snacktime - undercurrent #6 side c

• July 29th, 2014

Aaaaaaaand here's the bonus digital "side c" to accompany the free mixtape being released tonight at Undercurrent, featuring the best of the recordings that were left off of the tape from last month's show.  The tracklist is as follows:

Cup Collector (Jaded Evil Lambs remix)
The Brainstems
Solid State Disaster
Beauty Pageant
The Brainstems
Tonight's show is going to be insane, the killer lineup includes Jaded Evil Lambs (aka yours truly), Laika, Little Big Bangs, Black James, and the spoken word stylings of Matthew Questionmark!  Doors at 8:30, show at 9 SHARP motherfuckers!  Come on down to the Schlafly Tap Room for a free show, a free tape, and delicious reasonably priced beer!
Performances recorded 6/19/2014 at Schlafly Tap Room by Charlie Nehr.  Additional recording by Brad Schumacher.  Editing by David Bell. Undercurrent is a production of Wrong Division, Schlafly Tap Room, Paradoxal Pterodactyl, and  Undercurrent #6 mixtape cassette released in conjunction with Maxcorp Industries.
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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 26

• July 18th, 2014

curated by dingus and chad.  specimens: jaded evil lambs, rusty, falsetto boy, lillybean, community awareness alert, the fair use house band, emily hickner, mad at dad, wesley von drunkenstein, and other. 

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snacktime - noisecamp: brad schumacher and annie linders

• May 28th, 2014

It already seems like it has been ages and ages since NOISECAMP, even though we only powered down the Noisedonut™ and left Interfuse a mere 24 days ago.  Here is the first audio selection from the second iteration of our experimental foray into mass punitive sonic endurance and synchronistic audience participation.  This recording took place shortly before the effigy burn on Saturday, as our section of campground was still reeling and winding down from a massive "all comers" jam session.  Brad was holding it down on the cracklethumps when Annie poked her head into the dome investigating a rumored trumpet sighting in the vicinity.  The rest of the story kind of writes itself- another random joyous moment of experimentation, brought to you by adventurous hearts and dumb luck.  Stay tuned for more tales of NOISECAMP to come, there were many unexpected moments of discovery such as this, each one of them alone well worth the effort...

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snacktime - undercurrent #4 side c

• May 22nd, 2014

Time once again, it's the digital companion to this month's free mixtape available exclusively at Schlafly Tap Room tonight.  Artists on this installment, in order of appearance:

Sean Arnold
Night Grinder
Rooster Jake
Times Beach

So come claim your free cassette tonight with even more great cuts, kick back a few fine Schlafly beers, and check out the killer acts we are recording live for next month's tape, namely Wild Hex, Tony Renner, Stonechat, The Pat Sajak Assassins, and Barely Free Partial Prisoners.  As always, with live hallucinations beamed into your skull by Chizzy Chizmo.

Performances recorded 4/24/14 at Schlafly Tap Room by Charlie Nehr. Additional recording and editing by David Bell. Undercurrent is a production of Wrong Division, Schlafly Tap Room, Paradoxal Pterodactyl, and Undercurrent #4 mixtape cassette released in conjunction with Pancake Productions.
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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 25

• May 19th, 2014

curated by dingus and chad.  specimens: will, erk, benny, dandan, ezd, fokus fux, scooter, george hrab, raindrop rivers and the ten min, srev, mortal guitarbat, sunny, sgu, ss, ultraviolet, conky, lilfinger, the funs, the round-ups, joel, mad at dad, jerm v, danny & brad, real stl brother, harmoos, jaded evil lambs, ladybug, andrew patrick, fry 13, and many other.

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snacktime - angel kircher @ lemmon’s 4/20/2014

• April 29th, 2014

Stand-up comic, hummus hustler, and friend of the show Angel Kircher in all her splendid hilarity, from a special all-female comic showcase on Easter/420 at Lemmon's.  There have been a few really good comedy shows at Lemmon's this year, hosted by the inimitable Micaela Mohr, if you catch wind of one coming up, you really should go (plus they're FREE- we know how much you love free).  

Recorded by Dingus with his Zoom recording thingus.
Bonus Angel here:
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snacktime - undercurrent #3 side c

• April 24th, 2014

UnderCurrent is upon us again, tonight's mixtape cassette release features Fluff Of Murder, Trauma Harness (playing all synthesizer set), Lumpy & The Dumpers, and Loose Screwz featuring Abnormal.  All the best bits that didn't make it onto the tape due to time restrictions and copyright issues are here as a special bonus track for your enjoyment.

This month's concert (and recording for next month's tape) features performances by Times Beach, Googolplexia, our very own The Night Grinder, as well as spoken word pieces by Sean Arnold and Rooster Jake Cohen, and a special presentation of "Triplex" the animated series.  Come on down for good times, good tunes, and good beer, and you may even end up in next month's mix.
Performances recorded 3/27/14 at Schlafly Tap Room by Charlie Nehr. Additional recording and editing by David Bell and Brad Schumacher. Undercurrent is a production of Wrong Division, Schlafly Tap Room, Paradoxal Pterodactyl, and Undercurrent #3 mixtape cassette released in conjunction with Lumpy Records.
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snacktime - i am a scary dinosaur

• April 14th, 2014

It's already been a busy year for Jaded Evil Lambs.  In addition to the work on this here podcast and all the UnderCurrent editing and arrangement and preparing for this year's iteration of Noisecamp at the regional Burning Man event Interfuse, our man Davelybob managed to squeeze in releasing a new collection of Jaded Evil Lambs recordings ("Left To Their Own Devices", available on, and somehow got roped into playing a unexpected series of shows that have been highly fruitful, resulting in some of his best knob twisting to date.  This tasty morsel is the most recent exhibition of audio oddities he unleashed, recorded on 4/4/2014 at the Livery Company by Brad Schumacher.  The fitting title "I Am A Scary Dinosaur" was decided on that evening shortly before the show when Dave's little buddy Zephyr uncovered the shocking truth that Dave is, in fact, a scary dinosaur.  More fossilized waveforms are to be had on 5/20 when Jaded Evil Lambs next throws down at Blank Space.  Be there.

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snacktime - undercurrent #2 side c

• March 27th, 2014

Tonight is the third show in the Undercurrent concert series at the Schlafly Tap Room, and the release of the second Undercurrent mix cassette with audio taken from last month's show.  We've realized in assembling these tasty plastic morsels that 20 minutes per side leaves a lot on the cutting room floor, and barely gives you room to stretch your leathery wings.  So starting this month we are offering a digital Side C continuing where the tape left off.  Enjoy!


The Funs
Tim Rakel meets Muck-Tet
The Funs
Chris Ward
The Funs
Tim Rakel (mehb remix)
Dusty Fingers

Performances recorded 2/27/14 at Schlafly Tap Room by Charlie Nehr. Additional recording and editing by David Bell. Undercurrent is a production of Wrong Division, Schlafly Tap Room, Paradoxal Pterodactyl, and Undercurrent #2 mixtape cassette released in conjunction with Manic Static.

Tonight's concert features Loose Screwz, Lumpy & The Dumpers, Fluff of Murder, and Trauma Harness (performing a special all synthesizer set). So come check it out and claim your free tape!

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 24

• March 11th, 2014

curated by chad, dingus, and brad.  specimens: mad at dad, denasjeh, losers make good, the night grinder, onewayness, josh meyer, icebergs, navigator, plickety plack, stress orphan, and other.

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snacktime - undercurrent #1 bonus track: the jerk

• February 27th, 2014

If you hadn't heard, Paradoxal Pterodactyl is participating in a special project in association with Wrong Division and called Undercurrent, a series of (FREE) monthly shows at the Schlafly Tap Room aimed at fostering communication and collaboration amongst the diverse artistic and musical scenes around St. Louis.  Each month, Joseph Hess curates a select lineup of the best experimental/noise/punk/hardcore/spoken word/comedy/etc/etc/etc performers in town, including some specially arranged collaborations that would likely never have happened otherwise.  Everything gets recorded, and then your favorite avian reptiles work their magic and edit it down to a funky mix that then will be released as a physical mixtape at the next month's show on professionally duplicated cassettes, again free for the first 100 people through the door.

The first installment of this series took place on January 30th, 2014.  The second concert and release of the mixtape from the first show is tonight.  To celebrate, here is a special bonus track, a performance by the duo of Jake Cohen and Jason LaChance (both members of the group Barely Free).  Billed for the evening as "The Jerk", their set was largely based around samples from the classic film of the same name starring Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters.  The audience loved it, but the record pressing plant rejected the first mix of the cassette due to copyright issues, and we had to replace their segment in the mix entirely and leave them off of the tape.

Luckily we have a podcast that doesn't mind a little grey area...  Here is the set, in its entirety, with love, from Paradoxal Pterodactyl to you.

Recorded and mixed by Charlie Nehr.

Wrong Division blog & radio show:
Barely Free:
Video of this set, including live visual projections by
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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 23

• February 19th, 2014

curated by brad and dingus.  specimens: tom sanders feat. austin case, peg hulse, laura rosener, and britton dougherty, savant trigger, dankle swankoff, mad at dad, volnastar, leland p. malaria, conky, jaded evil lambs, ultraviolet, ss, the top grossing films of 1984.

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snacktime - kcor retsbol

• February 19th, 2014

have you ever wondered what "rock lobster" sounded like backwards? well now you can go ahead and scratch that off your list (presumably, you can now die happy).  it's actually kinda cool and utterly bonkers.  and if you were feeling bad about the way your life is going, now you know that this dumb shit is how dingus spends his free time.  doesn't seem so bad now, huh?

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snacktime - going where gender isn’t

• January 27th, 2014

Genderqueer activist Andy Semler gave this platform address at the St. Louis Ethical Society on 11/11/2013, as part of National Transgender Awareness Week.  Recording taken from the Ethical Society podcast feed, and shared with our audience with Andy's gracious permission.  

"Genderqueer people are gaining increased visibility within a society that doesn't legally recognize our existence, but we are still a minority within a minority. This talk will explore the social, economic, and health aspects of living outside the gender binary in the USA. I will also share from my own "coming of gender" story, as we begin a broader dialog: What can the humanist community do to create a society where people of all genders flourish? 

Andy Semler is an active member of the LGBT Center of St Louis, the Metro Trans Umbrella Group, and the greater online community of non-binary trans and genderqueer folk everywhere."

For more information on the Ethical Society of St. Louis ("A Welcoming Home For Humanists"), please visit
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snacktime - john beabout “a pitiful statement”

• December 30th, 2013

John Beabout (maybe you know his band Stonechat?) sat down at the piano on the first day of this year's edition of Noisefest at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, and gave us what was perhaps the most atypical performance of what was already an atypical festival.  He calls this piece "A Pitiful Statement".  Recorded by Dingus with his Zoom recording thingus on 11/1/2013.

Be sure to check out

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snacktime - getting fired 4 x-mas

• December 25th, 2013

the eggnogs were a band from iowa city, iowa.  davelybob saw them at the way out club with the phonocaptors years and years ago.  the singer looked just like him but a head shorter, so everyone went around calling davelybob "evil sam" all night.  their record had a bunch of fun songs on it.  a lot of them were absolutely horrible to think about, just like this one.  that's right, a pterodactyl just shit down your chimney.  merry fucking christmas.

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 22

• December 17th, 2013

curated by dingus and chad.  specimens: community awareness alert, mr. silly man, the ghosts of pterodactyls past, lillybean, esqueleto, keith lowell jensen, touch people, unknown paris metro band, grocery guys, chad's wife, dutch smurf, baratunde, sguwtn, keith, turan, tim, tom, mad at dad, kat, guy with sax under bridge in paris

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snacktime - bill tucker “sad bad mittens”

• December 9th, 2013

singer/songwriter/cassette impresario/friend of the show BILL TUCKER graciously gifted us this tasty morsel.  ripped by dingus straight from the tape to your ears.  it's sold out now, but there are plenty more tunes to be had at or  or or

1- weird shapes
2- telephone wizard
3- lamp

bill tucker - guitar and vocals
jacob erwin - bass and vocals
ian fullerton - drums and vocals

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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 21

• November 15th, 2013

curated by chad, brad, and dingus.  specimens: jane, mad at dad, blair, banjo, jerry, paul, abigail, seth, sunny, adam, pseudosmile, miles davis, downtown saint louis, korn feat. downlink & charlie turner, the night grinder, effingham county fair, the icebergs, counterfeit i, karthik, more moneybags (the charlie so nice we stuck him in twice), jaded evil lambs feat. smith corona & ghostface killah, brian, bill, tim, music embryo.

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snacktime - darin gray, tatsuya nakatani, & vanessa skantze

• November 7th, 2013

For the second portion (and main event) of the evening, Darin & Tatsuya were joined by butoh dancer Vanessa Skantze, who gave a truly beautiful, haunting, and mesmerizing performance (other adjectives used that evening also included "gut-wrenching," "grotesque," and "horrifying").  Butoh, if you didn't know, is a subversive, confrontational, and often painfully awkward style of dance that emerged in post-WWII Japan after a series of student riots.  Tom Hill's video of the performance is well worth watching:

As before, this recording was made at Lemp Neighborhood Arts center on 10/4/2012 by Dingus with his Zoom recording thingus, and lovingly presented in 320 kbps.  See you kids at the gong show.
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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 20

• October 31st, 2013

curated by dingus, brad, and chad.  specimens: elder statesmen, rhs musik, skarekrau radio, spelling bee, nevin, the radish king, derfsregor, fire ban'd, dave stone and brad schumacher, dweller, bambi raps, the least comma, chris wease, mad at dad, chad's neighbors, capable guy, joe kile, seth andrews, sguwtn, mort, paul, kristy, em, ladybug, miss robin, boo, thug friends.

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snacktime - darin gray & tatsuya nakatani

• October 25th, 2013

It physically pained Dingus to sit on this snacktime so long, but we were saving it for a special occasion.  Legendary St. Louis bassist Darin Gray (Dazzling Killmen, Grand Ulena, On Fillmore, etc) and NYC-based percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani (as shining an example of a man living his dream as you are likely to ever meet) unleashed this rumbling, shuddering, improvisational maelstrom a little over a year ago (10/4/2012) at Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center.  Darin is currently on tour with the live production of the acclaimed public radio show Radiolab, and Tatsuya has a new record out and will be back at LNAC on 12/20 with his gong orchestra in tow.  Yes, GONG ORCHESTRA.  Put that shit on your calendar.

Recorded by Dingus, with his Zoom recording thingus.  Someone (Tom Hill, I think?) also posted video of this performance at:
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paradoxal pterodactyl - episode 19

• October 18th, 2013

curated by chad and dingus.  specimens: franc, samantha, turan, dr. pamela gay, mark & family, alan, mimi, fraser, mr. coffee, em, the night grinder, little miss heavy legs, head of security

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snacktime - will to nothingness

• October 12th, 2012

Adolph Bunyan & The Nazi Lumberjacks is up in this piece!  This track was a live brap by HLIC (head lumberjack in charge) Davelybob, with special guest Ra3ndy (accomplished visual artist and board game designer), and will be featured on one of the two Bunyan albums that D-Bob is currently polishing for release (and has been for quite some time now, to be honest).  Once that feat is accomplished, the AB+TNL moniker will be shelved indefinitely in favor of his new project Jaded Evil Lambs, not to mention resolving the yin/yang dichotomy that comes with simultaneously being both Davelybob and Dingus.

[  whatever would our hero do without his mask?  #LOLCHAD  ;P  ]

UPDATE:  Those albums were eventually released under the name Jaded Evil Lambs.  (  The Bunyan sleeps tonight.  Heil Bunyan.
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snacktime - charlie @ lemp 8.8.12

• October 10th, 2012

Your pal and ours, one Mr. Charlie Turner  (née moneybags) doing what he does best.  This one starts with a nice throbbing, pulsing drone, and ends up in unrelenting tormented spasms of howling glitchery.  Oh my goodness, indeed.

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snacktime - time traveling porn

• October 8th, 2012

Michael McKay, president of the Skeptical Society of St. Louis, gives a talk on the implications of psychologist Daryl Bem's research into precognition.  Recorded by Dingus at the inaugural edition of SkeptiCamp St. Louis on August 18th, 2012, held at the St. Louis Ethical Society- one of numerous SkeptiCamp events put on this summer all over the US, and thus far the largest in attendance!  The Skeptical Society of St. Louis exists to  promote critical thinking, education, and the rigorous application of the scientific method to all aspects of life.  This podcast is firmly in support of those goals.  :)  The Society regularly meets up for workshops, picnics, and the popular "Skeptics in the Pub" events.

Learn more at:

More on Bem:

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snacktime - the yellow five

• October 6th, 2012

There's a lot of nostalgia going on right now.  So here's one of Dingus's old favorites, the "Rock Star" EP by The Yellow Five.  It's peppy, catchy, sloppy fun circa 2002.  Because there's nothing more pure at heart than a high school ska band.


1.  My Life

2. Super Monkey Toenail Flesh

3. Same Old Line

4. Iron Curtain

5. Spontaneous Erection

(full disclosure, we re-EQed this a bit for the podcast)

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snacktime - taka o’lueken, ajay khanna, mike pagano, & sean burk

• October 4th, 2012

This four way battle royale of analog persuasion was recorded by Dingus at  the "Spend an Evening With  Tapes" event on  3.14.2012 at Floating Laboratories, which is apparently no longer a place.   Dingus misses that joint already,  and wishes he  had spent more time there.

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snacktime - fucking in the streets/maggots

• October 2nd, 2012

We're extremely happy and grateful to be able to bring you these two tracks as an exclusive sneak peek at the new Xrin Arms record "Drugganaut Trashedelix", which is set to drop in just a couple weeks.  You'll know when it's out because it will smell like the entire internet is on fire.  We're talking hot shit here.  It blisters, for real.

Transact here:

A video for "Maggots" is up here:

Lots more fun here for the book of face inclined:

also here:

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snacktime - josh levi @ noisefeSTL 2011

• July 13th, 2012

It's almost upon us.  Josh Levi is josh leaving us.  Taking his lovely lady and pulling up stakes and leaving St. Louis for Washington D.C.  Our loss is their gain, and we're absolutely positive the multitalented and prolific softspoken sweetheart that's been such a fixture in our scene will flourish and thrive in his new digs.  Best of luck to you Josh!

So urrbody raise up your glass and salute homeboy, we'll play him out with this sweet recording of him absolutely throttling a sick-ass drone at noisefest last year.

Recorded by Bradley Schumacher.

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snacktime - trista digiuseppi reads “memories”

• June 22nd, 2012

We are very pleased to reveal that author Trista DiGiuseppi was gracious enough to supply us with a second reading from her science fiction novel "Nails Jane", an excerpt she's entitled "Memories".

music by Kevin MacLeod.

For more info on this book, including a sweet video trailer and links to purchase paperback and digital editions, visit

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